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    1600W Heat Gun with Variable Temperature Settings

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    The powerful heat gun is equipped with a high performance 1600W motor and has adjustable temperature and airflow settings. The ergonomic design of the heavy duty heat gun ensures long and comfortable use and its lightweight construction makes it easy to operate and control.
    SKU: ATO-HG-3316S
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    Low price heat guns for sale, available in variable temperatures from 100-480°C, the heat guns are made from durable materials to withstand even the harshest working environments. ATO heat guns are the perfect tool for a variety of applications including paint stripping, soldering, defrosting frozen pipes, and more.


    • Model: ATO-HG3316S
    • Power: 1600W
    • Temperature Range: 100-480°C
    • Air Output: 350 L/min
    • Intelligent Digital Display: No
    • Temperature Regulation: Adjustable temperature
    • Dimension: 255x200x78mm

    Dimension (Unit: mm)

    Heat gun applications


    Heat gun detail


    A heat gun is a versatile tool that is commonly used in a variety of fields, including construction, automotive repair, and crafting. It uses a heating element to produce a stream of hot air, which can be directed onto a surface to soften or melt materials such as plastic, vinyl, or paint. This makes it useful for tasks such as shrink-wrapping, soldering, and stripping paint or wallpaper. ATO heat guns come in a range of sizes and power levels, and may feature adjustable temperature and airflow settings for greater control over the heating process.
    Heat gun applications

    Tips: What are the different types of heat guns?

    Heat guns are versatile tools that are commonly used for stripping paint, bending PVC pipes, softening adhesives, thawing pipes, and many other applications that require heat. There are generally two types of heat guns: industrial and home-use heat guns.

    • Industrial Heat Guns: Industrial heat guns are designed for heavy-duty use and are typically used in professional settings. They come in two types:
      Electric heat guns: These heat guns are powered by electricity and use a heating element to produce heat. They come in a variety of sizes and can generate temperatures ranging from 300°F to over 1100°F.
    • Gas-powered heat guns: These heat guns are powered by propane or butane gas and are often used in outdoor or remote locations where electricity is not available. They can produce higher temperatures than electric heat guns and are useful for applications that require more heat.
    • Home-use heat guns:  Home-use heat guns are smaller and less powerful than industrial heat guns. They are typically used for lighter applications around the house, such as stripping paint or removing stickers. They are available in two types:
    • Corded electric heat guns:  These heat guns are powered by electricity and are designed for lighter use. They typically have lower temperature ranges than industrial heat guns and are more affordable.
    • Cordless battery-powered heat guns:  These heat guns are battery-powered and offer greater portability and convenience. They are ideal for small projects and DIY tasks that require heat.

    Heat guns may also vary in terms of temperature settings, airflow speed, and other features. It's important to choose the right type of heat gun for your specific needs to ensure safety and effectiveness.

    Existing reviews of 1600W Heat Gun with Variable Temperature Settings
    The heat gun is powerful
    This 1600W heat gun has multiple heat settings, and they can be easily adjusted for different tasks. Whether it's shrinking tubes or drying wood, this heat gun will get the job done quickly and efficiently.
    From: Hector | Date: 21/03/2023
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