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    Electronic Ballast Price List

    An electronic ballast is an electronic device that regulates the current used in electronic equipment for fluorescent and other gas discharge lamps. Its main function is to provide a high voltage to ignite the lamp during the start-up phase of the lamp, and then to limit the current and stabilize the light output during normal operation.

    Compared to traditional electromagnetic ballasts, electronic ballasts provide higher-quality lighting, reduce energy consumption, and are hum-free. Electronic ballasts work by converting incoming AC power to high-frequency AC power through a converter, which is then discharged through fluorescent tubes to emit light. This device usually includes a driver circuit to control the starting and stabilization of the fluorescent tube. With the development of technology, electronic ballasts have become an indispensable part of modern lighting systems and play an important role in energy saving, emission reduction and greening. In order to help you choose a more suitable light ballast, you can check the price list compiled by

    Electronic Ballast Price List

    SKU Power (W) Frequency (Hz) Working Current (A) Bulb Voltage (V) Price
    ATO-T8-18W 1x18/2x18 50/60 0.17~0.3 220 $39.78 
    ATO-T8-30W 1x30/2x30 $39.86 
    ATO-T8-36W 1x36/2x36 $40.85 
    ATO-T8-58W 1x58/2x58 $40.85 

    Note: The above price list is for reference only. For bulk purchase or discount, please come to contact us.

    How to Choose the Right Electronic Ballast

    It is important to choose a good quality and reliable electronic ballast. A good quality light ballast can provide a more stable current output and extend the life of the lighting fixture. In addition to this, you need to consider the three factors of power demand, compatibility, and dimming function.
    Electronic ballast price list

    Power Requirements

    First of all, you need to determine the required power of the electronic ballast. This depends on the power and number of lighting fixtures you are using. Make sure that the light ballast you choose can provide enough power to drive your lighting system.

    When choosing an electronic ballast, make sure that it is compatible with your lighting fixtures. Check the specification sheet of the light ballast to make sure it matches the type and specifications of the fixtures you are using.

    Dimming Function
    If you need dimming capabilities, choose an electronic ballast that supports dimming. This will allow you to adjust the brightness of your lighting as needed, providing more flexible lighting control.

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