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    SCARA Robot Price List

    SCARA (selective compliance assembly robot arm) is a special industrial cylindrical coordinate robot. The 4 axis SCARA robot has three rotation axes, whose axes are parallel to each other for positioning and orientation in the plane. They features light-weight structure, high precision, fast respone and easy operation, widely used in assembly operations, printed circuit boards and electronic components.

    4 axis SCARA robots with 450mm, 550mm, 600mm, 700mm and 800mm can be offered in ATO store. Different arm length, 2kg rated load and max. payload up to 5kg. In the following, we will show the price list of our 4 axis SCARA robots.

    ATO SCARA Robot Price List:

    Product SKU Number of Axes Arm Length Rated Load
    4 axis SCARA robot price list ATO-SCARA-450 4 axis 450 mm 2 kg
    ATO-SCARA-550 550 mm 1 kg
    ATO-SCARA-600 600 mm 2 kg
    ATO-SCARA-700 700 mm 2 kg
    ATO-SCARA-800 800 mm 2 kg

    Troubleshooting of SCARA Robots

    • Positioning deviation. Once the position deviation occurs during the operation of our SCARA robots,please immediately stop the operation procedure and execute the instruction to return to the origin. If there are serious positioning abnormalities, please seek the assistance of our technical staff.
    • Temperature exclusion. There is a temperature protection mechanism in the control box. If an alarm occurs, please first determine whether the ventilation holes are blocked and whether the cooling fan runs smoothly. The temperature rise of the SCARA robot will reach about 40 ℃, and excessive load and acceleration and deceleration will cause the temperature to rise.
    • Machine noise. The robot arm contains a variety of rotating parts, and there will be some noise when the arm itself runs. If abnormal noise occurs during operation, please seek the assistance of our technical staff.
    • Running jitter. When evaluating the jitter of the robot arm, please read the specifications carefully. The amount and the distance from the axis of the screw, too high acceleration and deceleration, will affect the robot arm normal operation.
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