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    4 Axis SCARA Robot, 800mm Arm Length, 2kg Load

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    High reliability industrial 4-axis SCARA robot is a cost-effective solution for precision machining, assembly and material handling. With 800mm arm length, 2kg rated load and max. payload of 5kg at an affordable price. It handles maximum speeds of 1500°/sec with greater precision and repeatability, low residual vibration due to the powerful proprietary control system design.
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    800mm Arm Length, 2kg Load 4 Axis SCARA Robot features with compact and flexible structure, fast running speed, high transmission accuracy and low noise. Equipped with a powerful controller and a friendly teach pendant, make it easy to operate and program. The small and refined size is suitable for the automation of various processes, and its advantages are particularly obvious in a limited production space.


    Model ATO-TS5-800
    Number of Axis 4
    Arm Length Full length 800mm
    First arm 350mm
    Second arm 450mm
    Load Rated load 2kg
    Max. load 5kg
    Axis 4 moment of inertia 0.015kg.m2
    Working Envelope Axis 1 ±125°
    Axis 2 ±142°
    Axis 3 185mm
    Axis 4 ±360°
    Repeated Positioning Accuracy X-Y ±0.05mm
    Axis 3 ±0.05mm
    Axis 4 ±0.05mm
    Max. Speed Axis 1 ≤375°/sec
    Axis 2 ≤520°/sec
    Axis 3 ≤833°/sec
    Axis 4 ≤1500°/sec
    Environmental Requirements Temperature 5℃-40℃
    Humidity 10%-80% (no condensation)
    Arm Body I/O Line 0.2*5 core
    Arm Body Tracheal Interface Φ6*2
    Arm Weight (excluding electric control box, extension cord) 32kg
    Power Supply Single phase AC 220±10%, 50/60Hz
    Protection Level IP21
    Installation Method Vertical mount
    Package Included 1 x SCARA robot, 1 x control box, 1 x teaching box (total weight: 62kg)


    *Using ATO SCARA robots require more robot programming knowledge and automation equipment experience.
    *You can install it yourself after buying our robot.
    *If you have not used similar equipment before and need more buying guides, please feel free to contact us.

    Dimension (Unit: mm)

    800mm arm length scara robot dimension

    800mm arm length scara robot dimension

    Working Range (Unit: mm)

    800mm arm length scara robot working range


    Tips: ATO SCARA Robots Troubleshooting

    1. Positioning deviation

    Once the position deviation occurs during the operation of our SCARA robots,
    please immediately stop the operation procedure and execute the instruction to return to the origin. If there are serious positioning abnormalities, please seek the assistance of our technical staff.

    2. Temperature exclusion

    There is a temperature protection mechanism in the control box. If an alarm occurs, please first determine whether the ventilation holes are blocked and whether the cooling fan runs smoothly. The temperature rise of the SCARA robot  will reach about 40℃, and excessive load and acceleration and deceleration will cause the temperature to rise.

    3. Machine noise

    The robot arm contains a variety of rotating parts, and there will be some noise when the arm itself runs. If abnormal noise occurs during operation, please seek the assistance of our technical staff.

    4. Running jitter

    When evaluating the jitter of the robot arm, please read the specifications carefully. The amount and the distance from the axis of the screw, too high acceleration and deceleration, will affect the robot arm normal operation.

    Existing reviews of 4 Axis SCARA Robot, 800mm Arm Length, 2kg Load
    800 mm arm length suitable for my work
    This 4 axis SCARA robot is what I have been looking for, and I finally bought it from ATO. The 800 mm arm length of SCARA robot is very suitable for my work. I have been using robot for two months, now without any problems.
    From: Diggy | Date: 23/06/2022
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