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    58 Watt Electronic Ballast, 1 Lamp/2 Lamp

    2x58W electronic ballast can be a perfect fluorescent ballast replacement and provide efficient and reliable lighting solutions. Germicidal lamp electronic ballast with optional 1 lamp or 2 lamp, 50Hz/60Hz frequency, 200V~240V AC, low price and long life.
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    Compact electronic ballast can provide efficient and reliable power to fluorescent lamps in various environments. 1 lamp or 2 lamp for selection. 1x58W or 2x58W electronic ballast with 50Hz/60Hz frequency, suitable for factories, workshops, offices, shopping malls, underground parking lots and school


    • Model: ATO-T8-58W
    • Power: 1x58W/2x58W
    • Frequency: 50/60Hz
    • Working Current: 0.17~0.3A
    • Power Factor: 0.65/0.95
    • Bulb Voltage: 220V
    • Input Voltage: AC 200~240V
    • Working Temperature: -15°C~50°C
    • Output Current: 0.25A
    • Certification: CE
    • Shell Material: Iron
    • Shell Size: 210*30*20 (mm)


    • Electronic ballasts for fluorescent lamps mostly use 20~60KHZ frequency to supply lamp tubes. It turns on and lights up immediately, with no need for a starter, and avoids starter failure.
    • High-quality ballasts have good voltage stabilizing performance. When the power supply and voltage deviation are large, they can still maintain a constant power of the light source and stabilize the illuminance, which is conducive to energy saving.
    • The noise of the electronic ballast can reach below 35db. Factors such as constant power and lamp current drop, and reliable starting point can prolong lamp life.


     Electronic ballast dimensions

    Installation Diagrams1 lamp electronic ballast installation diagram

    2 lamp electronic ballast installation diagram


    ATO electronic fluorescent ballast can regulate and control the electrical current in lighting systems, widely used in factories, workshops, offices, shopping malls, underground parking lots, schools and other indoor lighting.

    Electronic ballast applications

    Tips: What is the function of electrical ballast?

    • Starting the Lamp: Ballasts play a crucial role in initiating the lamp's ignition process. They provide a high voltage to initiate an electric discharge in the lamp. This initial high voltage helps ionize the gas inside the lamp, allowing it to produce light.
    • Current Regulation: Once the lamp is ignited, the ballast regulates the electrical current flowing through it. It ensures the lamp receives a consistent and stable current, preventing it from drawing excessive current and potentially damaging the lamp or the electrical circuit.
    • Voltage Stabilization: Ballasts stabilize the voltage supplied to the lamp, compensating for fluctuations in the input voltage from the power source. This voltage stabilization ensures that the lamp operates within its specified voltage range, promoting optimal performance and extending the lamp's lifespan.
    • Power Factor Correction: In some cases, ballasts also incorporate power factor correction (PFC) technology. PFC reduces the reactive power drawn by the lighting system, improving energy efficiency and reducing power wastage.
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