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    Hydraulic Rotary Actuator Price List

    Hydraulic actuator converts the pressure of fluid into mechanical energy. Common types of hydraulic actuators include linear actuators, rotary actuators, semi-rotary actuators and so on.

    90°, 180°, 200°, 220°, 360° rotation angle and 180 N.m, 500 N.m, 2800 N.m, 4500 N.m and 2400 N.m output torque hydraulic rotary actuator can be provided in ATO online shop. In this article, we will show you the price list of our hydraulic rotary actuator.

    ATO Hydraulic Rotary Actuator Price List:

    Product SKU Rotation Angle Output Torque Price
    Hydraulic rotary actuator price list ATO-HRA-2700 180°, 360° 180~2700 N.m $1,273.54
    ATO-HRA-4500 180° 500~4500 N.m $1,243.54
    ATO-HRA-6700 200°, 220° 2800~6700 N.m $4,109.38
    ATO-HRA-21400 90°, 180°, 270°, 360° 160~21400 N.m $1,355.38
    ATO-HRA-24000 180°, 360° 1900~24000 N.m $2,698.77

    Note: The prices in the table list are for reference only. If you want to get current quotation and other customized products information, please contact us now.

    Advantages of Hydraulic Rotary Actuator:

    Compared with the linear cylinder actuator added with auxiliary mechanism, hydraulic rotary actuator is compact in structure and smaller in volume, and does not require other structural parts to assist.

    • Compared with the vane rotary cylinder, the internal leakage of hydraulic rotary actuator is very small, almost 0.
    • The hydraulic rotary actuator only needs a small displacement, and the minimum can reach 20cc.
    • Hydraulic rotating actuator can output very high torque, up to 74630 N.m.
    • Hydraulic rotary actuator can achieve 0-360°rotation.
    • The rotary hydraulic actuator can bear large radial load and axial load.
    • Installation modes are diversified, and the mounting method can be customized for hydraulic rotary actuator according to customer needs.
    • The efficiency of converting hydraulic thrust into output torque is relatively low (45%~80%). After frequent use of hydraulic rotary actuator, temperature of the hydraulic system rises quickly.
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