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    Ball Valve Price List

    The ball valve is a control valve that uses a ball with a circular channel as the opening and closing part, and the ball rotates with the valve stem to realize the opening and closing action. The opening and closing part of the ball valve is a ball with a hole, which rotates around the axis perpendicular to the channel, so as to achieve the purpose of opening and closing the channel. Ball valves are mainly used to open and close pipelines and equipment media.

    ATO provides 1, 2, 3 piece ball valves, pneumatic actuated ball valves and electric actuated ball valves for you to choose from, and the price lists of ATO ball valves are in the tables below.

    1, 2, 3 Piece Ball Valve Price List

    Product SKU Size Price
    1 piece ball valve
    1 Piece Ball Valve
    ATO-BV-Q11F-14 1/4 inch $29.68
    ATO-BV-Q11F-38 3/8 inch $29.68
    2 piece ball valve
    2 Piece Ball Valve
    ATO-BV-F120-15 1.5 inch $199.86
    ATO-BV-F120-2 2 inch $256.89
    3 piece ball valve
    3 Piece Ball Valve
    ATO-BV-Q11F-1 1 inch $137.67
    ATO-BV-Q11F-12 1/2 inch $77.89
    ATO-BV-Q11F-3 3 inch $562.59

    Electric Ball Valve Price List

    Product SKU Size Price

    Electric ball valve 2 way

    PVC electric ball valve 2 way

    Flanged electric ball valve

    ATO-EBV-15B 1/2 inch (DN15, 15mm) $341.99
    ATO-EBV-20B 3/4 inch (DN20, 20mm) $346.39
    ATO-EBV-25B 1 inch (DN25, 25mm) $364.49
    ATO-EBV-32B 1-1/4 inch (DN32, 32mm) $394.69
    ATO-EBV-40B 1-1/2 inch (DN40, 40mm) $431.59
    ATO-EBV-50B 2 inch (DN50, 50mm) $611.19
    ATO-EBV-65B 2-1/2 inch (DN65, 65mm) $765.89
    ATO-EBV-80B 3 inch (DN80, 80mm) $1,083.99
    ATO-EBV-100B 4 inch (DN100, 100mm) $1,412.39
    ATO-EBV-125B 5 inch (DN125, 125mm) $1,726.99
    ATO-EBV-150B 6 inch (DN150, 150mm) $1,898.59
    ATO-EBV-200B 8 inch (DN200, 200mm) $2,179.99

    Pneumatic Ball Valve Price List

    Product SKU Size Price

    Pneumatic ball valve 2 way 3 way

    Pneumatic flanged ball valve 2 way 3 way

    ATO-PBV-15A 1/2 inch (DN15, 15mm) $155.88
    ATO-PBV-25A 1 inch (DN25, 25mm) $202.81
    ATO-PBV-40A 1-1/2 inch (DN40, 40mm) $251.48
    ATO-PBV-50A 2 inch (DN50, 50mm) $329.68
    ATO-PBV-80A 3 inch (DN80, 80mm) $353.38
    ATO-PBV-100A 4 inch (DN100, 100mm) $1,159.18
    ATO-PBV-125A 5 inch (DN125, 125mm) $2,040.79
    ATO-PBV-150A 6 inch (DN150, 150mm) $3,062.99
    ATO-PBV-200A 8 inch (DN200, 200mm) $4,158.79

    Note: The prices in the table are just for your reference. If you want to get the latest quotation, please contact us now.

    What are the advantages of ball valves?

    • Ball valves are suitable for frequent operation, opening and closing quickly and lightly.
    • They have small fluid resistance.
    • Simple structure, relatively small volume, light weight, easy maintenance.
    • Good sealing performance
    • Not limited by the installation direction, the flow direction of the medium can be arbitrary.
    • No vibration and low noise.

    Tips for installing a ball valve

    1. Leave the position where the ball valve handle rotates.
    2. The ball valve cannot be used for throttling.
    3. The ball valve with a pneumatic actuator or electric actuator should be installed upright.
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