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    Tool Setter Price List

    For a CNC machine center equipped with a tool setter, the offset value of the tool to the workpiece coordinate system can be automatically set after the tool setting, thereby automatically establishing the workpiece coordinate system. During the processing of the workpiece, the adjustment of the tool is time-consuming, inconvenient and difficult. Finally, trial cutting is required.

    Therefore, the tool setter shows great superiority in the CNC machine centers and lathe. ATO shop provides various CNC tool height setter, such as 42 mm, 65 mm, 72 mm, 90 mm tool height setter. In this article, we will show the price list of our tool setter.

    ATO Tool Height Setter Price List

    Product SKU Height Contact Force Contact Material Price
    CNC tool setter 42mm ATO-TOSE-42 42 mm 2.5N Tungsten steel alloy $225.40
    CNC tool setter 65 to 90mm ATO-TOSE-65 65 mm $279.37
    ATO-TOSE-72 72 mm $338.10
    ATO-TOSE-90 90 mm $447.62

    Note: The prices in the table list are for reference only. If you want to get current quotation and other customized products information, please contact us now.

    How to Select CNC Tool Height Setter?

    • Wiring of the tool setter. A 4 wire setting device is required for a 4 wire tool setter, and a 6 wire CNC machine setting device is required for a 6 wire tool setter. Or according to the control system's tool setting contact type. There are two contact types: normally open (NO) and normally closed (NC).
    • Exact diameter of the tool setter contact surface. The diameter of the tool setter contact surface must be larger than the diameter of the tool, generally ≥5mm.
    • Distance of the tool from the mounting base. The height of the tool should be at least 3mm different from the height of the tool setter. For example, the distance of the tool from the mounting base is 62mm. When selecting a tool setter, choose the height is 65mm.
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