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    CNC Tool Setter for Z Axis Setting, Height 42mm

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    CNC tool setter for tool z axis position setting has optional contact type NC (4 wire) or NO (6 wire), contact surface diameter 10mm and tool setting travel 5.0mm. Tool height setter has a height of 42mm, a cable length of 1.5m, repetition time of 2 million times and power supply DC 10-30V.
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    Tool setter with height 42mm and optional contact type NC (4 wire) or NO (6 wire) can be used for CNC machine centers tool z axis setting.


    Shipping weight 1kg
    Height 42mm
    Contact type * NC NO
    Wire 4 wire
    Setting signal:
    1. green - 24V
    2. white - setting signal
    Over-travel signal:
    3. red
    4. yellow
    6 wire
    Setting signal:
    1. green - 24V
    2. white - setting signal
    3. black - NPN: 0V, PNP: 24V
    4. blue - 0V
    Over-travel signal:
    5. red
    6. yellow
    Cable Cable diameter: Ф5mm
    Cable length: 1.5m
    Tension protection sleeve length: 1.0m
    Contact force 1.5N
    Contact material Tungsten steel alloy
    Repetition time 2 million times
    Contact surface diameter 10mm
    Tool setting travel 5.0mm
    Tool speed 50-200mm/min
    Parallelism 0.005/10mm
    Accuracy 0.001mm
    Power supply DC 10-30V, 10-20mA
    Rated voltage DC 24V
    Working temperature -25~+70℃ (-13~+158℉)
    Protection class IP67
    Application system Siemens, Mitsubishi, Syntec, LNC, Fagor, etc.
    Warranty 1 year

    Dimension (unit: mm):
    CNC tool setter for z axis setting height 42mm dimension
    Wiring diagram:
    CNC tool setter for z axis setting height 42mm wiring diagram
    Tips: Why you need a tool setter?
    The tool setting of CNC machining directly affects the accuracy of the machined parts and also affects the operation of CNC machine tools. The tool setting is to position the tool's tool position on the starting point (tool setting point) in the workpiece coordinate system, so that it is under the control of the NC program, the machining surface cut by this tool has the correct dimensional relationship with respect to the positioning reference, so as to guarantee the processing accuracy requirements of parts. For CNC lathes or CNC machine centers, since the center position (X0, Y0, A0) is already determined by CNC, determining the axial position can determine the entire machining coordinate system. Therefore, only one end face in the axial direction (Z0 or relative position) needs to be determined as the tool setting point. By using the tool setter, the tool setting error of CNC machine tools can be improved.
    There are two types of tool setter: the internal tool setting and the external tool setting. Internal tool setting is to install the tool directly on a fixed position of the machine tool (for lathes, the tool is directly installed on the tool holder or mounted on the tool holder through the tool holder). This method is mostly used in turning CNC machine tools. For external tool setting, the tool setter must be installed on the tool holder (lathe) through the tool holder, together with the tool holder, calibrated outside the machine tool in advance, and then the tool can be installed on the machine tool. This method is currently mainly used Used in boring and milling CNC machine tools, such as CNC machining centers. Adopting the tool setter for tool setting compared to the traditional method of tool setting, although the costs relatively high and the loading and unloading of tools is relatively laborious. But it can save the tool setting time and improve the tool setting accuracy. It is generally used in CNC machine tools with high accuracy requirements.

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    I bought this Z-axis setting CNC tool setter when I was browsing the product webpage. It can be repeated 20,000 times. Since I bought it for the first time, I asked a lot about this Z-axis setting. With regard to the CNC tool setter, the customer service answered me all the time. This is my most satisfying shopping experience.
    From: Espencer | Date: 16/03/2021
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