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    32VDC Electric Screwdriver for Automatic Screw Feeder

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    32VDC brushless electric screwdriver is dedicated to automatic screw feeders. It can be applied to handheld automatic screw feeder, or installed on a three-axis automatic screw feeding system individually or in combination. Electric screwdriver with adjustable torque knob can be used for locking screw of 4-16mm screw length and 2.3-8.0mm nut diameter.
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    32V DC brushless electric screwdriver with adjustable torque/speed & positive and negative rotation function can be used for various automatic screw feeder.


    1. The brushless electric screwdriver uses high-quality 32VDC brushless motors, with long service life and low noise.
    2. The shape conforms to the principles of ergonomics and is comfortable to grip without slipping. The electric screwdriver is light in weight and does not fatigue for long-term use.
    3. The torque of the locking screw can be adjusted according to the needs of the product, without worrying about damaging the product.
    4. Electric screwdriver with autobrake function, it will stop automatically when the set torque value is reached.
    5. The electric screwdriver can adjust the rotation direction through the switch. Lock screw in the positive direction and remove the screw in the reverse direction.
    6. Electric screwdriver speed switch on the adapter can be adjusted from low-speed 600rpm to high-speed 1000rpm.
    7. The adapter has a power switch and does not need to be plugged in and out frequently.


    Model ATO-ASF-619
    Shipping weight 1kg
    Packaging included 1 * Electric screwdriver
    2 * Electric screwdriver bits
    1 * Spring support
    1 * Power adapter with cable
    Power supply 220VAC, 50Hz
    Rated power 40W
    Diameter 200*37.5mm
    Internal motor Brushless DC motor
    Motor speed 600-1000rpm (set by power adapter switch)
    Working voltage 32VDC (3A)
    Torque range 2-16Nm (set by screwdriver torque knob)
    Function Screwdriver operation switch, autobrake, speed switch, positive and negative rotation switch, screwdriver torque knob, power adapter switch, power adapter indicator, anti-off safety power connectors
    Types of screw * Material: all
    Thread: all
    Total length of screw: 4-16mm
    Diameter of nut: 2.3-8.0mm
    Thickness of nut: 0.5-3.5mm
    Types of nut: See details as above types of nut diagram
    Note: It is best to contact our customer service to confirm whether your screws are suitable for this model, especially nonstandard screws need to be given detailed dimensions and pictures.
    Warranty 2 years

    Note: * denotes optional parameters, you can select parameters in drop-down lists to finish your order. Some customizable parameters can't be selected from the lists directly, please contact customer service staff for further communication.

    Types of nut diagram:

    Types of nut for automatic electric screwdriver

    Tips: The electric screwdriver operations in the automatic screw feeding system

    1. Turn on the power switch and adjust the required torque of the electric screwdriver (according to the screw size). Before use, it is best to adjust the predetermined torque value, so as not to cause screw looses. Excessive torque will easily cause slipping.
    2. Pour the screws into the storage box of the screw feeder. The number of screws cannot exceed the safety line, and other sundries or other screws cannot be poured in to avoid mixing.
    3. Before first-time screw locking, press the screwdriver operation switch twice in succession to check whether the screwdriver can work normally.
    4. Hold the workpiece to be locked in one hand and align the handheld screwdriver with the hole in one hand for safe operation and standard use.
    5. When the screw locking is completed, that is, the electric screwdriver reaches the torque value, lift the electric screwdriver. Do not lift the electric screwdriver before the torque value is reached.

    Note: When the torque value is insufficient, the screw is not locked. If lift the electric screwdriver, the screw may not be locked and remains in the electric screwdriver. When lift it, the screw assembly will move the next screw into the screwdriver. At this time, there are two screws in the electric screwdriver, which will cause the screws are stuck. If such a situation occurs, punch out the screw in anywhere except screw hole and take it out.

    Existing reviews of 32VDC Electric Screwdriver for Automatic Screw Feeder
    Great automatic screw feeder
    This automatic screw feeder surprised me with how easy it was to use! It's also packaged very well. Especially handy for smaller projects, like assembling furniture.
    From: Purdie | Date: 25/02/2021
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