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    Handheld Automatic Screw Feeder

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    Handheld automatic screw feeder is specially designed for locking different types of screw. The basic range of screw feeder application is 4-16mm total length of screw, 2.3-8.0mm diameter and 0.5-3.5mm thickness of nut. Handheld automatic screw feeder is mainly used in electronic, plastic, toys, electrical equipment and communication equipment of automatic assembly lines, such as assembly lines of mobile phones, hard disks, keyboards, computers, DVDs, household fans and the other small home appliances.
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    Handheld automatic screw feeder doesn't adopt air-blowing principle. It only needs to put the screw feeding device in a high position, then the screw will automatically drop down to the electric screwdriver assembly for locking.


    1. Handheld automatic screw feeder with a lightweight design and compact structure can be placed above the workbench.
    2. There is no special skill required for the operator. The operator is easy to operate and not feel tired.
    3. Automatic screw feeder with high efficiency can increase the processing efficiency for 2-4 times and save 1-3 people for each machine, thereby quickly save production costs.
    4. Stable performance, long service life, no special maintenance is required. And occasional failure processing time does not exceed 1 minute, which will not delay production progress.


    Model ATO-ASF-4255
    Shipping weight 5kg
    Packaging included 1 * Automatic screw feeding device
    1 * Electric screwdriver
    1 * Electric screwdriver assembly
    2 * Electric screwdriver bits
    1 * Feeding pipe
    1 * 2.0mm hexagonal screwdriver
    1 * 2.5mm hexagonal screwdriver
    1 * Spring support
    2 * Power adapter with cable
    Power supply 220VAC, 50Hz
    Rated power 40W
    Screw feeding method Non-air-blowing type. Just put screw feeding device in a high position.
    Screw feeding speed 80~120pcs/min
    Screw locking speed 0.5~1pcs/s
    Screw feeding device parameter Diameter: 180*126*140mm (L*W*H)
    Working voltage: 15VDC (2000mA)
    Weight: 2.5kg
    Capacity of screw storage box 500~3000pcs (according to screw size)
    Screwdriver parameter Diameter: 230*42.5mm
    Internal motor: Brushless DC motor
    Motor speed: 1000-1800rpm
    Working voltage: 32VDC (3A)
    Torque range: 0.5-25Nm
    Screwdriver assembly parameter Material: Aluminium alloy + stainless steel
    Diameter: 32-36mm
    Weight: 150g
    Types of screwdriver assembly * 1. Assembly length: 146mm, maximum depth of bolt hole: 17mm
    2. Assembly length: 166mm, maximum depth of bolt hole: 37mm
    Types of screw * Material: all
    Thread: all
    Total length of screw: 4-16mm
    Diameter of nut: 2.3-8.0mm
    Thickness of nut: 0.5-3.5mm
    Types of nut: See details as above types of nut diagram
    Note: It is best to contact our customer service to confirm whether your screws are suitable for this model, especially nonstandard screws need to be given detailed dimensions and pictures.
    Warranty 2 years

    Note: * denotes optional parameters, you can select parameters in drop-down lists to finish your order. Some customizable parameters can't be selected from the lists directly, please contact customer service staff for further communication.

    Types of nut diagram:

    Types of nut for handheld automatic screw feeder

    Tips: Handheld automatic screw feeder maintenance

    1. Regularly clean and maintain the screw feeding device to ensure that the storage box is clean. It is recommended to use the high-pressure airbrush to sweep the residue in the screw storage box.
    2. Regularly clean the entire track to ensure the smooth running of the screw in the track.
    3. Regularly clean the screw delivery system to ensure the smooth operation of screw delivery and locking.
    4. Add an appropriate amount of grease to the parts.
    5. Turn off the power when not in use.
    Existing reviews of Handheld Automatic Screw Feeder
    type of screw headed
    Is it possible to use this tool for flat headed screw?
    From: Imron | Date: 22/02/2022
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    ATO Responded
    Yes. But it depends on the tool that you use. This type is not available for all tools.
    Questions about screw feeders
    How does the screw feeder pick up stainless steel screws?
    From: Siefker | Date: 02/08/2021
    Was this review helpful? Yes No (0/0)
    ATO Responded
    For holding the stainless steel screws, our electric screwdriver will clamp the screw cap only, revealing the screw tail, so it works normally with no problem at all.
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