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    Digital Counter, 4 Digit, Up/Down, Number/Length/Batch

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    Digital counter can be used for counting number/length/batch, position control of balers controlled by variable frequency motor, and measuring height, position and angle. 4 digit counter with up/down input modes can preset count value or length, and simultaneously display the total count, counting length and batch value in real time.
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    Digital counter has 4 digit display, 4 kinds of up/down input modes, DC 12V/24V external power supply.


    • Digital counter accuracy: 0.01%, minimum resolution: 0.0001.
    • Input/output signals photoelectric isolated, anti-interference ability.
    • Input: 4 kinds of input modes, a variety of input signals, various waveform pulse, grating, proximity sensors, photoelectric sensors, contact switches, encoders, etc. (NPN, PNP).
    • Output: 8 kinds of output modes to select, up to 3 segments control output, suitable for various control requirements.
    • 4 digit display, has external power supply DC 12V/24V/30mA especially for sensor.
    • Standard RS232 or RS485 MODBUS RTU communication, can be directly connected with computers, PLC or other equipments.


    Mode ATO-DIGC-FH4
    Weight 250g
    Accuracy 0.01%
    Power supply AC 90-260V, or AC/DC 12-30V/DC 24V, power dissipation≤5VA
    Input signal Pulse signal, square wave, sine wave, 5V≤H≤30V, 0≤L≤2V, rising edge trigger, frequency: 0.01~9KHz (square wave)
    Counting rate ≤5000 CPS (switching input, software selectable), ≤2000Hz (encoder input)
    Display counting range -1999~9999
    Ratio setting range 0.001~999.9
    Input impedance ≥10KΩ
    Relay output method R, N, C, F, H, L (count), upper and lower limits alarm, capacity AC 250V/3A, DC 30V/3A COSΦ=1
    Transmission output 4-20mA, 0-10V, etc. (range can be set)
    Insulation resistance ≥100MΩ (between DC 500V power terminal and external terminal)
    Dielectric strength AC 1500V 1min (between power terminal and external terminal)
    Environment Ambient temperature: 0~50°C, relative humidity: 35~85%RH
    External power supply DC 12V±5%, 50mA max / DC 24V±5%, 30mA max
    Protection class IP65

    Selection table:

    Dimension (length*height*depth) Power supply Function AL1 AL2 Communication interface External power supply Input signal
    4: 48*48*80mm with hole size 45*45mm;
    7: 72*72*80mm with hole size 67.5*67.5mm;
    8: 96*48*80mm with hole size 92*45mm
    V0: AC 90-260V;
    VE: AC/DC 12-30V, or DC 24V
    C: Number/length;
    B: Batch;
    P: Position control
    N: No output;
    R: Relay;
    N: No output;
    R: Relay;
    C0: No communication;
    C2: RS232;
    C4: RS485
    A: DC 12V/30mA;
    B: DC 24V/30mA;
    C: DC 5V
    I0: Two pulse inputs (encoder);
    I1: INA (one input for switching input)

    Digital counter up/down input modes:
    Mode A: Up (addition)
    INA counts up. INB is GATE function. When INB is high level (or shorted with +12V), INA input is forbidden.
    Digital counter up down mode a
    Mode B: Up/down (addition or subtraction)
    INA counts up. INB is count-down control function. When INB is high level, INA turns count-up into count-down.
    Digital counter up down mode b
    Mode C: Up/down (addition and subtraction)
    INA counts up, INB counts down.
    Digital counter up down mode c
    Mode D: Up/down (for encoder)
    INA signal leads INB signal (count-up). INA signal lags INB signal (count-down). It is often used for encoder or grating input.
    Digital counter up down mode d
    Wiring diagram:
    Digital counter up down wiring diagram
    Tips: Digital counter application in industrial production
    In industrial production, it is often necessary to automatically count product quantity. Digital counters are the best choice. Digital counters have the advantages of visual display and accurate counting. It has several counting trigger modes, which are determined by the actual using condition and environment. Digital counters are generally divided into contact counters and non-contact counters, of which non-contact counters with photoelectric sensor are most widely used.
    Counter with photoelectric sensor uses photoelectric sensor to form photoelectric gate, and counts objects passing through the photoelectric gate in real time. Digital counter can effectively control the number of packages in the production line through real-time monitoring, achieve automatic control, save labor costs, and efficiently complete production.

    In this video, ATO will show you how to wire a digital counter. And how to set the basic parameters of digital counter.

    Existing reviews of Digital Counter, 4 Digit, Up/Down, Number/Length/Batch
    Nice 4 digit digital counter!
    Easy to use. Good for counting. Bright LEDs.The delivery is fast and well packed. This counter works great so far.
    From: Mar | Date: 30/06/2022
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    Count revolutions
    I use it to count revolutions for several weeks. It's still working well.
    From: Simon | Date: 14/06/2018
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