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    Digital Counter, 5 Digit, Frequency/Rev/Speed

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    5 digit counter is suitable for measuring the frequency, rotational speed, linear speed and flow of various types of control equipment. Digital counters can be customized as special test instrumentation for pulse width detection, duty ratio detection, etc.
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    Digital counter has 5 digit display, frequency/rev/linear speed measuring function, DC 12V/24V external power supply.


    • Various parameter settings, simple operation.
    • Input: Various waveform pulses (square wave, triangle wave), proximity sensor, photoelectric sensor, voltage signal, contact switch, encoder, etc.
    • Digital counter can also be used to measure the power frequency (AC 0-600V), measurement range: 0.01Hz-100KHz, resolution: 0.01Hz.
    • 5 digit display, decimal point automatic conversion.
    • Input/output signals photoelectric isolated, anti-interference ability.
    • Digital output: Up to 3 alarms, high value, low value, high and low value alarm modes are optional, analog output: 4-20mA or 0-10V transmission output, measuring range setting arbitrarily.
    • Standard RS232 or RS485 MODBUS RTU communication, can be directly connected with computers, PLC or other equipments.


    Mode ATO-DIGC-FA5
    Weight 350g
    Accuracy 0.1%±2 digit
    Power supply * AC 220V/110V±15%, AC 90-260V, DC 24V±10%, power dissipation≤5VA
    Input signal Pulse signal, square wave, sine wave, 5V≤H≤30V, 0≤L≤2V, rising edge trigger, frequency: 0.01~10KHz, 1Hz-100KHz
    Display counting range -19999~99999
    Input impedance ≥10KΩ
    Transmission output * 4-20mA, 0-10V, etc. (range can be set)
    Insulation resistance ≥100MΩ (between DC 500V power terminal and external terminal)
    Dielectric strength AC 1500V 1min (between power terminal and external terminal)
    Environment Ambient temperature: 0~50°C, relative humidity: 35~85%RH
    External power supply DC 12V±5%, 50mA max / DC 24V±5%, 30mA max
    Protection class IP65

    Selection table:

    Dimension (length*height*depth) Power supply AL1 AL2 Communication interface External power supply
    10: 160*80*80mm with hole size 152*75mm V0: AC 90-260V;
    VE: AC/DC 12-30V, or DC 24V
    N: No output;
    R: Relay;
    N: No output;
    R: Relay;
    C0: No communication;
    C2: RS232;
    C4: RS485
    A: DC 12V/30mA;
    B: DC 24V/30mA;
    C: DC 5V

    Wiring diagram:
    Digital counter wiring diagram
    Tips: Digital counter application in positioning control
    The paper cutter is one of the most commonly used equipment in the printing and packaging industry. The most basic action of paper cutter is to send the material to be cut to the designated location and then cut it. Using the high-speed counting function of counter in PLC positioning system and combining the multi-speed function of VFD can achieve positioning control, and using HMI can perform cutting parameter setting and some manual actions. This control system can well solve the phenomenon that the positioning inaccuracy, the cutting action is disordered, and the normal production cannot be performed, which are caused by the aging of SCM system after use for a period of time.

    In this video, ATO will show you how to wire a digital counter. And how to set the basic parameters of digital counter.

    Existing reviews of Digital Counter, 5 Digit, Frequency/Rev/Speed
    The counter does not count correctly and has a defective button
    The same issue occurs with settings of PC: 1.0 and CPS 9000. When you spin the encoder quickly, it does not count.

    The button is clearly defective and was this way out of the box. It is not OK for us to just press it quickly. Our employee will need to change the stop value many times per hour, and with the button not working as it should, it will make that task very difficult.

    1) The counter does not count correctly and has a defective button.

    2) The encoder has the wrong length cable.

    I will give you one more email to resolve both issues, and if they are not resolved I will need a prepaid return label to return the goods for refund.
    From: Nick | Date: 06/03/2023
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    ATO Responded
    1. The counter can count at a slow speed, but it does not count correctly when it rotates fast. This problem is related to the rotational speed of the encoder, but you did not provide the maximum rotational speed data for our reference, so that this factor was ignored. Now could you please tell us how fast the encoder spins? How many revolutions does the encoder make per second? We think maybe you need to change the pulse number of the encoder to 500ppr or 1000ppr.
    2. Regarding the defects of the buttons, you can use a blade to remove the display panel, then turn on the power, directly operate the internal buttons, and check whether each button can be used normally. If the button can be used normally after removing the panel, it means that the height of the button is stuck (you can use a blade to trim and smooth the button). Please refer to the attached video.

    Please feed back the above two information first, and we can proceed to the next step after confirmation. Thanks for your understanding.
    Solved my problem completely
    This digital counter works perfectly and solved my problem completely!! It's not a fancy data logger. It has worked well, with no problems so far.
    From: Harless | Date: 15/12/2022
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    Use of digital counter
    I am searching for a digital counter that will act with a sensor that will trace proximity from 15-20 centimeters.
    From: Kaley | Date: 16/05/2021
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    ATO Responded
    Yes, you can use our 6 digit digital counter.
    Good job!
    The 5 digit digital counter is the best choice for our automation improvement. It can improve work efficiency and reduce labor intensity. The digital counter saves a lot of time. Good job!
    From: Kraus | Date: 29/06/2018
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