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    CNC Tool Setter for Z Axis Setting, Height 90mm

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    CNC tool height setter has power supply DC 10-30V, height 90mm, contact surface diameter 20mm and tool setting travel 5.0mm. Tool setter with 2 million repetition times can be used for tool z axis setting in various CNC machine centers or lathe. CNC tool setter also has a cable with 1.5m length and optional contact type NC (4 wire) or NO (6 wire).
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    CNC tool setter with height 90mm and optional contact type NC (4 wire) or NO (6 wire) can be used for lathe tool z axis setting.


    Shipping weight 1kg
    Height 90mm
    Contact type * NC NO
    Wire 4 wire
    Setting signal:
    1. green-24V
    2. white-setting signal
    Over-travel signal:
    3. red
    4. yellow
    6 wire
    Setting signal:
    1. green-24V
    2. white-setting signal
    3. black- NPN: 0V, PNP: 24V
    4. blue-0V
    Over-travel signal:
    5. red
    6. yellow
    Cable Cable diameter: Ф5mm
    Cable length: 1.5m
    Tension protection sleeve length: 1.0m
    Contact force 2.5N
    Contact material Tungsten steel alloy
    Repetition time 2 million times
    Contact surface diameter 20mm
    Tool setter travel 5.0mm
    Tool speed 50-200mm/min
    Parallelism 0.005/10mm
    Accuracy 0.001mm
    Power supply DC 10-30V, 10-20mA
    Rated voltage DC 24V
    Working temperature -25~+70℃ (-13~+158℉)
    Protection class IP67
    Application system Siemens, Mitsubishi, Syntec, LNC, Fagor, etc.
    Warranty 1 year

    Dimension (unit: mm):
    CNC tool height setter with height 72mm dimension
    Wiring diagram:
    CNC z axis tool setter with height 72mm dimension wiring diagram
    Tips: Considerations in using the tool setter

    I. Installation considerations
    1. Mechanical

    1. Please try to install tool setter at the place with less scrap iron on the workbench.
    2. Recommend installing the tool setter on good levelness support, make sure the parallelism of the tool setter.
    3. The tool’s center should fall on the center of the tool setter’s surface.
    4. Do not force the rotation of the tool setter’s head.

    2. Electrical

    1. The tool setter shall be installed in the near of the machine body has ground protection or shield.
    2. 2.The maximum tension force of power wire and signal wire is 20N. The cable minimum bending is R7.

    3. Air pipes

    1. Please use the pipe connector. The air pipe outer diameter is 4mm, inner diameter is 2.5mm.
    2. There are 2 blowing holes with 1mm diameter, so use a pipe with a minimum diameter of 2mm or more.
    3. Clean the rest of iron filing and cutting oil, when the air blowing doesn’t work to the areas of the contact surface.

    II. Operation considerations
    1. The tool must be perpendicular to the contact surface.

    2. Do not release finger immediately when put it on the tool setter contact surface, in order to avoid damage to its internal structure.

    3. Don't exceed the travel of the tool setter, otherwise it will damage the tool setter and tool.

    4. When the tool and tool setter is contacting and setting is finished, the tool should be vertically got away from the contact surface. The tool can not move laterally, it will damage the tool setter.

    Existing reviews of CNC Tool Setter for Z Axis Setting, Height 90mm
    Works very well
    This CNC tool setter works very well. It's the best tool setter I've ever bought. Once the error detected by the tool setter exceeds this value, the machine tool will automatically alarm and stop. Highly recommend!!
    From: Frederick | Date: 22/06/2022
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    Recommend everyone to buy
    This CNC tool setter is precise and I like using it very much. Recommend everyone to buy it.
    From: Bauman | Date: 18/01/2022
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