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    CNC Tool Setter for Z Axis Setting, Height 72mm

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    Z axis tool setter with height 72mm can be used in CNC machine tool z axis zero setting. CNC tool setter has 2 million repetition times, 0.001mm accuracy, 20mm contact surface diameter, 5.0mm travel, 0.005/10mm parallelism and optional contact type NC (4 wire) or NO (6 wire). The power supply of tool setter is DC 10-30V, 10-20mA.
    SKU: ATO-TOSE-72
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    Tool setter with height 72mm and optional contact type NC (4 wire) or NO (6 wire) can be used for CNC z axis height setting.


    Shipping weight 1kg
    Height 72mm
    Contact type * NC NO
    Wire 4 wire
    Setting signal:
    1. green-24V
    2. white-setting signal
    Over-travel signal:
    3. red
    4. yellow
    6 wire
    Setting signal:
    1. green-24V
    2. white-setting signal
    3. black- NPN: 0V, PNP: 24V
    4. blue-0V
    Over-travel signal:
    5. red
    6. yellow
    Cable Cable diameter: Ф5mm
    Cable length: 1.5m
    Tension protection sleeve length: 1.0m
    Contact force 2.5N
    Contact material Tungsten steel alloy
    Repetition time 2 million times
    Contact surface diameter 20mm
    Tool setter travel 5.0mm
    Tool speed 50-200mm/min
    Parallelism 0.005/10mm
    Accuracy 0.001mm
    Power supply DC 10-30V, 10-20mA
    Rated voltage DC 24V
    Working temperature -25~+70℃ (-13~+158℉)
    Protection class IP67
    Application system Siemens, Mitsubishi, Syntec, LNC, Fagor, etc.
    Warranty 1 year

    Dimension (unit: mm):
    CNC tool setter for z axis setting height 72mm dimension
    Wiring diagram:
    Z axis 72mm height tool setter for CNC machine tool wiring diagram
    Tips: How does the tool setter work?
    First of all, we need to understand the hardware part of the tool setter. The principle of the tool setter is equivalent to an inductive switch. It's actually a push-button inductive switch. The difference is that in addition to the sensing signal, it also needs a travel protection signal and a jump setting signal.
    The over-travel protection signal means that when the position reaches the travel position, the system will alarm. At this time, the corresponding alarm signal needs to be written in the system program. The jump setting signal will trigger the high-speed jump signal inside the CNC machine system. The normally open and normally closed points of this signal can be set through system parameters.
    Work timing of the tool setter:
    First, add the tool to the spindle and move to the initial plane position. Then quickly descend to the middle position. It descends from a relatively middle position at a slower speed to a lower position. At this time, the tool head will slowly touch the contact surface of the tool setter. Then return a set height value. The jump setting signal is triggered again, and the tool setting operation is performed by descending. When the second tool setting operation is completed, the spindle will quickly return to the initial plane. At this time, the system will calculate the length difference through two measurements, and compensate the corresponding difference into the tool length compensation.

    Existing reviews of CNC Tool Setter for Z Axis Setting, Height 72mm
    Easy to install and use
    I recently bought the tool setter for z-axis for my CNC machine. The build quality and accuracy is amazing.  Highly increased my productivity. Will recommend it to anyone in need.
    From: Osborn | Date: 17/02/2023
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    High-quality CNC Z-axis tool setter instrument
    We need to use this CNC Z-axis tool setter purchased by ATO to cut a stamp. It is accurate and fast, and a stamp is ready soon.
    From: Stpauley | Date: 22/10/2021
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