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    2-1/2" Electric Ball Valve, 2 Way/ 3 Way

    Industrial 2-1/2 inch electric actuated ball valve for sale at factory price, DN 65 (65mm) port size, selectable 110V AC, 220V AC, 380V AC, and 24V DC power supply, ball valve type of threaded, flanged and PVC true union, 2 way or 3 way for transferring air, water, oil, gas, liquid, etc.
    SKU: ATO-EBV-65B
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    Industrial electric actuated ball valve is high performance and reliable, which can service different medium from low to high temperature. It is widely used for water, oxygen, gas, nitrogen gas, gasoline and other air and fluid control.


    Ball Valve Model ATO-EBV-65B
    Port Size 2-1/2 inch (DN65, 65mm)
    Ball Valve Type (Optional) 2 Way Threaded Type, 2 Way Flanged Type, 2 Way PVC True Union Type, 3 Way Flanged Type
    Body Material Stainless Steel (SS 316/ 304), PVC
    Seat Material Plastic (PTFE)
    Environment Temperature -10°C to 60°C
    Medium Temperature -10°C to 180°C
    Medium Pressure 1.6MPa
    Electric Actuator Model ATO-KLST-10 ATO-KLST-20 ATO-KLST-40
    Frequency 50/ 60Hz
    Power Supply (Optional) 110V AC, 220V AC, 380V AC, 24V DC
    Actuator Input 4-20mA DC
    Actuator Type Double Acting
    Output Torque & Response Time 50N.m, 13s/ 15s
    60N.m, 20s
    100N.m, 30s
    80N.m, 9s
    100N.m, 15s
    150N.m, 20s
    200N.m, 30s/ 60s
    150N.m, 9s
    250N.m, 15s
    400N.m, 20s
    600N.m, 30s/ 60s
    Actuator Material Aluminum Alloy

    Note: Threaded ball valve and PVC true union ball valve match with ATO-KLST-10 electric actuator, 2 way flanged ball valve matches with ATO-KLST-20 electric actuator, and 3 way flanged ball valve matches with ATO-KLST-40 electric actuator.

    Body Dimension (Unit: mm)

    2 way, stainless steel, threaded type

    2 way stainless steel threaded electric ball valve dimension

    φd L A H
    65 180 198 256

    2 way/ 3 way stainless steel, flanged type

    2 way / 3 way stainless steel flanged type electric ball valve dimension

    DN L1 T f D B C H1 H2 A1 A2 L2 N-M
    65 220 18 2 180 120 145 294 294 255 255 260 4-φ18

    2 way, PVC true union type

    2 way PVC pneumatic actuated ball valve dimension

    DN D D1 d L1 A H
    65 75 92 61 32 198 308

    Three Way Ball Valve Flow Pattern

    T Type:

    3 way pneumatic ball valve flow patterns t port

    L Type:

    3 way pneumatic ball valve flow patterns l port

    Tips: Electric actuated ball valve working principle

    The electric actuated ball valve is composed of a 2 way or 3 way ball valve and an electric actuator. The ball valve structure is a 90-degree spool. The electric actuator inputs a standard data signal of 0 to 10 mA. The motor unit drives the gear, turbine and worm torque. Power switch and adjustment Valves, operated with electricity.

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