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    5" Pneumatic Flanged Ball Valve, 2 Way/ 3 Way

    Favorable price flanged type pneumatic actuated ball valve comes with 5 inch fluid port, 1/4 inch air supply port, stainless steel body material, reliable PTFE plastic seat, optional 2 way or 3 way. Air powered ball valve is widely used for water, gas, oxygen and other air and fluid control.
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    Industrial 5 inch large full port flanged ball valve works with pneumatic actuator. The air powered ball valve is a control valve used for water, oxygen, gas, nitrogen gas, gasoline and other high temperature air and fluid transfer.


    Ball Valve Model ATO-Q641F-16P-DN125 ATO-Q644F-16P-DN125 ATO-Q644F-16P-DN125
    Ball Valve Type (Optional) 2 Way Flanged Type 3 Way Flanged Type, L Port 3 Way Flanged Type, T Port
    Port Size 5 inch (DN125, 125mm)
    Environment Temperature -10°C to 60°C
    Medium Temperature -10°C to 180°C
    Medium Pressure 1.6MPa
    Seat Material Plastic (PTFE)
    Body Material Stainless Steel (SS 304)
    Pneumatic Actuator Model ATO-AT145D ATO-AT160D ATO-AT160D
    Bore Size 145mm 160mm 160mm
    Air Supply Port 1/4 inch 1/4 inch 1/4 inch
    Power Source Compressed Air
    Actuator Type Double Acting
    Air Pressure 0.3 ~ 0.8MPa
    Actuator Body Material Aluminum Alloy


    Pneumatic Flanged Ball Valve Details

    2 Way/ 3 Way Flanged Ball Valve Body Dimension (Unit: mm)

    2 way / 3 way stainless steel flanged type pneumatic ball valve dimension

    DN L1 T f D B C H1 H2 A1 A2 L2 N-M
    125 320 22 3 245 185 210 408 390 418 450 380 8-φ18

    Pneumatic Actuator Dimension (Unit: mm)

    Pneumatic actuator dimension


    Q A B C D E F G H I
    Φ102/Φ125mm 418mm 167mm 80mm 87mm 218mm 178mm 30mm 80mm PF
    J K O P S T U V W X
    M6 1/4" 30mm 62mm 4mm 4mm 12mm 24mm 16mm 32mm


    Q A B C D E F G H I
    Φ102/Φ125mm 450mm 193mm 89mm 104mm 226mm 197mm 30mm 80mm PF
    J K O P S T U V W X
    M6 1/4" 30mm 80mm 4mm 4mm 12mm 24mm 16mm 32mm

    Three Way Ball Valve Flow Pattern

    T Type:

    3 way pneumatic ball valve flow patterns t port

    L Type:

    3 way pneumatic ball valve flow patterns l port

    Tips: Pneumatic actuated ball valve working principle

    Pneumatic actuated ball valve is a kind of pneumatic valve, which is driven by air source. Pneumatic ball valve is composed of a pneumatic actuator and a ball valve, which not only saves time and effort, but also can control multiple ball valves at the same time through the controller. The compressed air enters the pneumatic actuator to drive the ball valve to turn 0~90°, open and close the valve to control the size of the fluid. The valve positioner can be assembled according to the working conditions, so that the ball valve can adjust the medium. When the ball valve rotates to 90°, the valve is closed, thereby blocking the flow of the medium.

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