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    Electric Ball Valve Price List

    The electric ball valve is composed of an electric actuator and a ball valve. It is a pipeline pressure component used for industrial automation process control, usually used for remote opening and closing (connecting, cutting off) control of pipeline media. In this page, ATO industrial automation will list some prices of electric ball valve. For more infomation, please go to the industrial ball valve products page.

    ATO Electric Ball Valve Price List

    Port Size SKU Price (USD) Port Type
    1/2" (DN15, 15mm) ATO-EBV-15B 341.99 - 508.58

    The following types can be selected

    2 Way Threaded Type
    2 Way PVC True Union Type
    2 Way Flanged Type
    3 Way Threaded Type
    3 Way Flanged Type






    3/4" (DN20, 20mm) ATO-EBV-20B 346.39 - 541.98
    1" (DN25, 25mm) ATO-EBV-25B 364.49 - 576.88
    1-1/4" (DN32, 32mm) ATO-EBV-32B 394.69 - 756.68
    1-1/2" (DN40, 40mm) ATO-EBV-40B 431.59 - 856.38
    2" (DN50, 50mm ATO-EBV-50B 611.19 - 944.58
    2-1/2" (DN65, 65mm) ATO-EBV-65B 765.89 - 1318.28
    3" (DN80, 80mm) ATO-EBV-80B 1083.99 - 1591.38
    4" (DN100, 100mm) ATO-EBV-100B 1412.39 - 2124.78
    5" (DN125, 125mm) ATO-EBV-125B 1726.99 - 3135.88
    6" (DN150, 150mm) ATO-EBV-150B 1898.59 - 3979.58
    8" (DN200, 200mm) ATO-EBV-200B 3979.58 - 4532.69

    Note: The prices in the table are just for your reference. If you want to get the latest quotation, please feel free to contact us. Generally, it's cheaper than the price in the table.

    Electric ball valve for price

    Electric ball valves are mainly used in gas, oil, air, water and other media. Due to the many advantages of electric ball valves and their wide range of use, the following mainly introduces the advantages of electric ball valves.

    Advantages of Electric Ball Valve

    1. Electric ball valve can be completely sealed within a large pressure and temperature range.
    2. The working medium on both sides of electric ball valve is tightly sealed.
    3. Capable of withstanding pipeline stress well.
    4. Electric ball valve can achieve fast opening and closing.
    5. The spherical closure can be automatically placed in position.
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