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    2800~6700 N.m Hydraulic Rotary Actuator, 200°~220°

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    Competitive price hydraulic rotary actuator for sale, ideal manufacturer. Optional output torque 2800/5000/6700 N.m, max rotating angle 200°/220°, displacement 775~1650 cc, radial load 4500~8600 lb. Helical rotary hydraulic cylinder actuator for sale, shaft output or flange output, balance valve optional matching.
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    Ideal price hydraulic rotary from excellent manufacturer. output torque 2800/5000/6700 N.m, max rotating angle 200°/220°, displacement 775~1650 cc, radial load 4500~8600 lb. Helical hydraulic rotary actuator has functions of rotational hydraulic cylinder, with balance valve options, supporting shaft output or flange output.


    Model ATO-CY6-28 ATO-CY6-50 ATO-CY6-67
    Output Mode Spline output
    Installation Mode Base installation
    Output Torque 2800 N.m 5000 N.m 6700 N.m
    Holding Torque 6100 N.m 10,600 N.m 14,300 N.m
    Rotation Angle 220° 220° 200°
    Radial Load 4500 lb 6900 lb 8600 lb
    Axial Load 4500 lb 6900 lb 8600 lb
    Displacement 775 cc 1360 cc 1650 cc
    Weight 33.6 kg 58 kg 75 kg


    • Compared with the linear cylinder actuator added with auxiliary mechanism, hydraulic rotary actuator is compact in structure and smaller in volume, and does not require other structural parts to assist.
    • Compared with the vane rotary cylinder, the internal leakage of hydraulic rotary actuator is very small, almost 0.
    • The hydraulic rotary actuator only needs a small displacement, and the minimum can reach 20cc.
    • Hydraulic rotary actuator can output very high torque, up to 74630 N.m.
    • Hydraulic rotary actuator can achieve 0-360° rotation
    • The hydraulic rotary actuator can bear large radial load and axial load.
    • Installation modes are diversified, and the mounting method can be customized for hydraulic rotary actuator according to customer needs.
    • The efficiency of converting hydraulic thrust into output torque is relatively low (45%~80%). After frequent use of hydraulic rotary actuator, temperature of the hydraulic system rises quickly. Please pay attention to temperature control.

    Hydraulic Rotary Actuator Dimensions Diagram (Unit: mm)

    Dimensions Diagram of 6700 N.m Hydraulic Rotary Actuator, 200°~220°

    Model ATO-CY6-28 ATO-CY6-50 ATO-CY6-67
    D1 Main Body Diameter 140 165 178
    F1 Shaft End Spline Size Metric size, see product manual for details
    F2 Shaft End Fixing Hole Spec (2 Sides) M12 x l. 75 M12 x l. 75 M12 x l.75
    F3 Foot Mounting Hole Thread M16 x 2 M20 x 2. 5 M22 x 2.5
    H1 Height without Balance Valve 150 176 203
    H2 Height from Bottom to Centreline 73. 2 83.9 102
    L1 Total Length (without connector option) 417 546 579
    L2 Length without Rotation Part 335 422 445
    L3 Foot Mounting Hole Distance 265 320 320
    L4 Distance between Shaft End Surface to Mounting Hole 75. 1 113 130
    L5 Shaft Extension 40.9 61. 9 67. 6
    L6 Spline Length 21. 6 40 49
    L7 Optional Spline Connector Length 32. 5 52.6 60. 5
    W1 Foot Mounting Hole Distance 104 140 150
    W2 Total Width 133 170 203
    P1 P2 Housing Oil Port ISO-1179-1/BSPP G series, size 1/8"~1/4"
    V1 V2 Valve Oil Port ISO-11926/SAE series, size 7/16"

    Hydraulic Rotary Actuator Output Modes Diagram

    Hydraulic rotary actuator output mode is the installation mode of helical pair, standard modes are shaft output and flange output. If you need other output modes, please contact us.

    Hydraulic Rotary Actuator Output Modes Diagram

    Hydraulic Rotary Actuator Installation Modes Diagram

    Hydraulic rotary actuator installation mode is the mounting of the main body, standard modes are foot/flange/saddle/rail types. If you need other installation modes for different working conditions, please contact us.

    Hydraulic Rotary Actuator Installation Modes Diagram


    Tips:Troubleshooting for piston/shaft seal leaking of the hydraulic rotary actuator.

    1. If the hydraulic rotary actuator is equipped with a balance valve, plug the oil port of the balance valve and connect the hydraulic line to the oil port of the housing.
    2. Exhaust all the gas in the hydraulic rotary actuator.
    3. Rotate the hydraulic rotary actuator to the end under 21 MPa pressure and maintain the pressure.
    4. Remove the hydraulic connection pipe from the oil return port.
    5. If there is hydraulic oil continuously flowing out of the opened oil port of the case, it indicates that the piston has internal leakage.
    6. Replace the pipeline and rotate the shaft to the end point in the other direction. Repeat the above inspection procedure for the other port of hydraulic rotary actuator. If internal leakage is found, reassemble, inspect and repair the hydraulic rotary actuator.
    Existing reviews of 2800~6700 N.m Hydraulic Rotary Actuator, 200°~220°
    Can you have mounting way of hydraulic actuator to connect directly?
    I had a couple additional questions for you.
    For the ATO-CY6-50 or ATO-CY6-67, do you have a mounting method that allows direct coupling to one of your ATO-TQS-S01 5000 or 10,000 Nm reaction torque load cells.
    I’m curious if I can couple them directly, or if I have to make an adapter.
    Obviously, if they were to mount directly they would have a flange, and not a keyed shaft. Do you accept PO’s or do we have to pay with credit card. I don’t believe anyone at the company has a limit large enough if I was to order the hydraulic rotary actuator.
    From: isabel | Date: 10/05/2023
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    ATO Responded
    1. The ATO-CY6-50 or ATO-CY6-67 you choose is a straight shaft output, and this torque sensor ATO-TQS-S01 is a flange connection, so they can not be directly installed together, and an adapter is required.
    If ATO-CY6-50 or ATO-CY6-67 is a direct shaft output, you can also choose a dynamic torque sensor ATO-TQS-D03 5000 or 10000Nm, matching a coupling, shaft to shaft connection.
    2. So, you need to confirm whether the output end of the ATO-CY6-50 or ATO-CY6-67 is a straight shaft output or a flange output, is it 5000Nm or 10000Nm?
    We need to know the specific model and confirm whether they are suitable for installation together, so as to provide you with the correct drawing.
    I am very satisfied with their customer service
    I received your 2800~6700N.m hydraulic rotary actuator, but it cannot be used. The customer service staff and I responded to this situation. They replaced me with a new hydraulic rotary actuator, and their handling made me very satisfied. I decided to order another one.
    From: Tyler | Date: 09/10/2021
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