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    What is the Heat Gun?

    The heat gun, an indispensable tool in various industries and applications, serves a multitude of purposes that often go unnoticed by many. In this blog post, we will delve into the intricacies of the heat gun – its composition, operational mechanisms, and its operating skill.

    Basic Knowledge

    The heat gun is mainly a tool that uses the hot air blown from the core of the heat generating resistor wire to weld and pick components. According to the working principle of the heat gun, the main part of the heat gun control circuit should include temperature signal amplification circuit, comparison circuit, SCR control circuit, sensor, wind control circuit and so on. In addition, in order to improve the overall performance of the circuit, some auxiliary circuits should be set, such as a temperature display circuit, shutdown delay circuit and over-zero detection circuit. The temperature display circuit is set to facilitate temperature regulation. The temperature shown on the temperature display circuit is the actual temperature of the circuit, and the workers can manually adjust the temperature according to the temperature shown on the display during operation.

    Heat gun display

    The heat gun is one of the most used tools in mobile phone repair and the process of using it is demanding. From the removal or installation of small components to large integrated circuits have to use the heat gun. In different occasions, the temperature of the heat gun and the amount of wind and other special requirements, the temperature is too low will cause the component welding, the temperature is too high will be the worst components and circuit boards. Too much wind will blow away small components, while the choice of heat gun is also very important, not because of the price to choose a low-grade heat gun! Welcome to explore and shop at the ATO store, where you'll find heat guns of exceptional quality!


    The heat gun is mainly composed of air pump, linear circuit board, airflow stabilizer, shell, handle assembly and so on. Some of the heat gun handle using special high-temperature-resistant high-grade engineering plastics, temperature-resistant grade of up to 300 ℃; blower part of the life of more than 30,000h of powerful noise-free blower to meet the high-power spiral wind output; the hot air cylinder with a spiral disassembly structure; heating wire with a special removable replacement heating core!

     Heat gun detail


    The correct use of the heat gun, directly related to the welding effect and safety, practical applications due to the incorrect use of the heat gun so that the failure to expand, component damage, circuit board damage, and even personal safety is also harmed. Correct use of the heat gun some of the precautions are as follows:

    1. Heat gun placement: Set up, 15cm in front of the nozzle may not place any object, especially flammable gases (tannat, washboard water, ethanol, acetone, trichloromethane, etc.).
    2. When soldering ordinary leaded solder, the general temperature is set at 300-350℃ and the wind pressure is 60-80 levels.
    3. According to the actual size of the welding part to install the appropriate nozzle.
    4. Select the appropriate wind pressure according to the actual welding environment, as shown in table.

    Application Environment Wind Pressure Comment
    Small element Not be too high The wind pressure is too high, and components may be blown away by strong winds. High temperatures affect components near the work area
    Medium element High wind pressure High air pressure compensates for the heat loss of a large heat dissipation area.
    Large element Maximum wind pressure  

    Operating skill

    1. Pay attention to the switch-on method of the heat gun. Hang the handle of the heat gun on the special bracket, the power switch is hit to ON, and then adjust the airflow adjustment knob, so that the wind blowing out of the gun is the right size, and finally you need to rotate the temperature adjustment knob, so that the gun blowing out of the right temperature.
    2. Pay attention to the shutdown method of the heat gun. First set the temperature adjustment knob to the minimum and the airflow adjustment knob is adjusted to a large, about 2 to 3 minutes after the residual heat inside the heat gun dissipated before you can switch off the power supply, otherwise, it will reduce the service life of the heat gun, or even damage the heat gun.
    3. Using the heat gun to dismantle electronic components operating methods. Take the heat gun to dismantle the SMD IC as it is. First, according to the size and form of the removal of IC to choose a more appropriate air gun holes, if the removal of large IC, you can choose a large air gun holes, and vice versa, choose a smaller air gun holes. Next is the selected temperature, according to the size of the IC, the number of pins and IC can actually withstand the temperature and other factors to determine the temperature value. General temperature adjustment range of 320 ° C ~ 380 ° C. Once again, the selected airflow, general airflow adjustment knob adjusted to 3 ~ 4 gears is appropriate. Remove the IC operation skills: adjust the temperature and air flow, first in the removal of IC pins with a little flux, and then use the wind gun mouth aligned with the pins back and forth around the uniform delivery of heat. If the removed C is embedded, the wind gun and the board into 45 °; and for horizontal IC, the wind gun and the board should be 90 °. To send heat to the pin on the tin melting, use tweezers to lift the IC can be removed. After removal, hang up the handle of the heat gun, and shut down as required.
    4. The operation method of welding electronic components with a heat gun. The same to paste the IC welding for the right. For the selection of the temperature, the angle of the air supply, the size of the wind gun and the choice of the dismantling of electronic components are the same. Welding IC operating skills: first adjust the temperature and wind volume, and then add a small amount of flux on the pad, with a general soldering iron on the pad on a small amount of solder, and then use the soldering iron will be positioned on the IC pad, after a good position, with the wind gun aligned with the pins to uniformly send the heat to some of the fear of heat of the IC, can be used to cotton dipped in a small amount of alcohol placed on the IC to dissipate the heat. When the solder melts, use tweezers to IC gently down a pressure will complete the entire welding process.

    In conclusion, the heat gun stands as a testament to the synergy of engineering and craftsmanship. Its ability to generate controlled and focused heat finds applications in a multitude of professional settings, from automotive repairs to electronics soldering, and from industrial drying processes to plastic welding. As we reflect upon the versatility and precision it offers, it becomes evident that the heat gun is a vital tool in the arsenal of professionals across various industries.

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