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    What are Heat Guns Used for?

    Heat guns, often underappreciated in the world of tools, are versatile devices with a myriad of practical applications. These handheld instruments generate controlled heat and find their utility in various industries and DIY projects. In this blog post, we'll take a comprehensive look at what heat guns are used for, shedding light on the numerous tasks they can tackle with precision and efficiency.

    Remove old paint

    Use the heat gun to remove old paint on a metal surface, when the temperature rises the paint on the surface of the workpiece softens because when it softens it is easy to scrape off the old paint without making the surface of the workpiece; some paints, such as cement paints, magnetic paints, mineral paints and so on, will not be softened by heat, so you can't remove the paints by the heating method. Remove the old paint with a special industrial heat gun, will not make the surface of the apparatus overheat.

    Electronics RepairElectronics repair

    Heat guns play a vital role in reflow soldering and desoldering during electronics repairs and circuit board assembly.

    Bending plastic pipe

    Heat gun bending plastic pipe, the air outlet from the surface of the plastic pipe 5 ~ 15cm, and evenly around the plastic pipe to bend the part of the heating, until you feel it has begun to soften, you can start bending. In the process of bending a little more, because the plastic tube will be slightly rebound in the opposite direction after cooling.

    Heat shrink packaging film, tube

    The use of heat guns can be shrinkable plastic film, packaging film, tube heating shrinkage. In the beginning of heating, from a distance and evenly towards the shrink film, tube heating, and then slowly close, until the shrink film, tube uniform contraction, and packaging materials closely packed until.

    Replacement of floor tiles

    When you want to turn over the floor tiles, because the floor tiles are under the adhesive stick, so you must first heat gun on the floor tiles under the adhesive heating so that it softens, once softened with a shovel inserted into the gap between the floor tiles and the floor will be stilted floor tiles. The first thing to note is the thickness of the ground, it may take a little time for the heat to penetrate the floor tiles, so it must be a large range of heat guns in a back and forth movement so that the floor tiles under the adhesive to be uniformly softened.

    Stripping plastic

    The heat gun can be used to peel off the wallpaper or plastic with adhesive paste; especially suitable for mold factory plastic factory to remove the plastic pasted on the mold.

    Roof repairs

    When constructing or repairing a roof, it is necessary to weld a large number of plastic membranes, and waterproofing membranes, and to weld special components such as pitched roofs, edges of balustrade walls, domed skylights, etc., all with a heat gun. As the roof is affected by temperature, precipitation and other factors, the quality of welding will directly affect the service life of the roof.

    Automotive Film/Interiors/RepairsAutomotive film

    The rapid growth of the automotive industry has resulted in a substantial surge in the demand for car customization and maintenance. Personalized films, paints, and leather seats often necessitate the use of heat guns, while certain plastic components in cars cannot be repaired effectively without them.

    Application of Heat Shrink Film

    Heat shrink film is the current pursuit of economic and lightweight packaging and transport protection of new modes, in order to protect the safe transport of goods at the same time can also greatly reduce costs. Handheld heat guns are small in size, flexible operation, and can work in a narrow space, whether in the heat shrinkage effect or work, efficiency is guaranteed.

    Thawing Frozen Pipes

    In cold climates, heat guns are a quick and effective way to thaw frozen pipes. The controlled heat helps restore water flow without causing damage.

    The versatility of heat guns is truly remarkable, making them indispensable tools in a wide range of industries and for countless DIY projects. Whether you're a professional tradesperson or a dedicated hobbyist, having a heat gun in your toolkit can help you tackle an array of tasks efficiently and with precision. It's time to recognize the full potential of this often-underestimated tool and harness its power for your next project. Welcome to the ATO store to choose heat guns of exceptional quality!

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