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    Digital Stepper Motor Driver, 2 Phase, DC 24V ~ 50V

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    Low price digital stepper driver powered by DC 18V ~ 36V/ AC 20V ~ 40V power supply, adjustable drive current from 1A to 4.5A, capable of driving Nema 23 hybrid 2 phase stepper motors. This stepper motor controller can realize precise position control even without a feedback system.
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    Low cost digital stepper motor driver offers adjustable current control and multiple step resolutions, allowing the hybrid bipolar stepper motor to be driven with simple step and direction inputs.


    • Digital stepper motor is high performance with 32 Bit DSP motor controlling technology.
    • Low heating, extra-low noise and ultra-low vibration.
    • It has wide speed range up to 1000rpm.
    • With over current, over voltage, under voltage, overheating and inter-phase short circuit protection.
    • Suitable for 2 phase Nema 23 hybrid bipolar stepper motors.


    Model ATO-FYDM504T
    Matched Motor Nema 23 2 Phase Stepper Motor
    Voltage DC 24V ~ 50V/ AC 20V ~ 40V
    Drive Current 1.0A ~ 4.5A 8 Channels
    Microstepping Setting 25600 steps/rev 16 Channels
    Hightest Pulse Frequency 250Kpps
    Certification CE,FCC,RoHS
    Dimensions 118 x 75.5 x 34.5mm
    Weight 0.5kg
    Function Description
    Functions Operation Instructions
    PWR Power Indicating Lamp When the driver is powered on, the green light is always on.
    ALARM Overcurrent/Undervoltage Indicator When the overvoltage and overcurrent faults occur, the red light is always on.
    PUL+ Positive End of Control Pulse Signal Connect to signal power,+5V to +24V can be driven.
    PUL- Negative End of Control Pulse Signal The falling edge is valid, and the motor takes one step whenever the pulse changes from high to low. Input resistance 220Ω. Requirements: low level 0 to 0.5V, high level 4 to 5V, pulse charge >2.5us.
    DIR+ Positive End of Directional Signal Connect to signal power,+5V to +24V can be driven.
    DIR- Negative End of Directional Signal Used to change the direction of the motor.Input resistance 220Ω. Requirements: low level 0 to 0.5V, high level 4 to 5V, pulse charge >2.5us.
    ENA+ Positive End of Enabling Signal Connect to signal power,+5V to +24V can be driven.
    ENA- Negative End of Enabling Signal When it is valid (low level), the motor coil current is turned off, the driver stops working, and the motor is in a free state.

    Operating Current Setting

    Peak Current SW1 SW2 SW3
    1.0A off off off
    1.5A on off off
    2.0A off on off
    2.5A on on off
    3.0A off off on
    3.5A on off on
    4.0A off on on
    4.5A on on on

    Microstep Segmentation Setting

    Pulse/Revo SW5 SW6 SW7 SW8
    Default on on on on
    400 off on on on
    800 on off on on
    1600 off off on on
    3200 on on off on
    6400 off on off on
    12800 on off off on
    25600 off off off on
    1000 on on on off
    2000 off on on off
    4000 on off on off
    5000 off off on off
    8000 on on off off
    10000 off on off off
    20000 on off off off
    25000 off off off off

    Dimensions (Unit: mm)

    Dimensions of 2 Phase DC 24V-50V Digital Stepper Motor Driver

    Wiring Diagram

    Wiring Diagram of 2 Phase DC 24V-50V Digital Stepper Motor Driver


    2 Phase Digital Stepper Motor Driver 24v~50v Details

    Tips: Half step, full step and subdivision of stepper motor driver

    The motor drive system consists of a motor and a driver. The performance of the stepper motor drive system depends on the performance of the stepper motor itself and the advantages and disadvantages of the stepper motor driver. The research on the stepper motor driver is almost synchronized with the research on the stepper motor.

    • Half-step drive
      When single phase excitation occurs, the motor shaft stops at the full-step position. When the driver receives the next pulse and energizes another phase and maintains the original excitation state, the motor shaft will move half a step angle and stop in the middle of two adjacent full-step positions. In this way, the two-phase coils are performed periodically. The single-phase then dual-phase excitation stepper motor will rotate in a half-step manner of 0.90 degrees per pulse. All the full/half-step drivers provided by Lisan Electromechanical can be driven by full-step and half-step, which can be selected by the DIP switch of the driver. Compared with the full-step type, the half-step type has twice the accuracy and low-speed vibration. Therefore, when the full/half-step driver is actually used, the half-step mode is usually used.
    • Full-step drive
      In the whole stepping operation, the same stepping motor can be equipped with a full/half stepping driver or a subdivision driver, but the operation effect is different. The stepping motor driver excites two of the two-phase stepping motor according to the pulse/direction command. Coil. Each pulse of this drive mode will make the motor move a basic step angle, which is 1.80 degrees
    • Subdivision drive
      The subdivision drive mode has two advantages: low-speed vibration is small, and the positioning accuracy is high. For stepping applications that require low-speed operation (that is, the motor shaft sometimes works at less than 60 rpm) or the positioning accuracy is less than 0.90 degrees, the subdivision stepping motor driver is widely used. The basic principle is based on the sine and cosine steps. Precisely control the current of the two coils of the motor, so that the distance of the step angle can be divided into several subdivisions. For example, the 16 subdivision drive mode can make the stepping motor with 200 standard steps per circle reach 25000 steps per circle with the highest operating accuracy.
    Existing reviews of Digital Stepper Motor Driver, 2 Phase, DC 24V ~ 50V
    Exactly what I needed.
    I ordered this 2 phase digital stepper motor driver as a replacement for old one which would not work properly with my NEMA23 stepper motor. After switching to this, everything went smooth. It is cheaper than other suppliers, and I will buy more in the future.
    From: Dennett | Date: 25/03/2022
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