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    2 Position 20A Rotary Switch, 4 Pole

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    Selector switch 2 position for sale, 20 amp samll rotary cam switch, 4 pole, rated voltage 440V, mainly applied to AC 50 Hz, rotary switch is ideal for power switches in power lines, rotary selector switch design, easy to control, easy to install square plate.
    SKU: ATO-LW26GS20
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    2 position 4 pole rotary switche has the characteristics of compact structure, good insulation, flexible switching operation, safe and reliable. Small size, light weight and long service life.


    Model ATO-LW26GS20
    Rated Voltage 440V
    Rated Thermal Current 20A
    Rated Working Current AC-21 20A
    AC-22 20A
    AC-23 15A
    Pole 4 Pole
    Position 2 Position
    Rated Power 7.5 kW
    Escutcheon Plate M2
    Dimension A 64
    C 43
    L 43
    H 42
    E 48
    F 48
    D1 φ10
    D2 φ4.5
    Ambient Temperature -25℃-40℃
    Altitude ≤2000m
    Humidity ≤50%

    Dimensions (Unit=mm)
    Rotary switch 4-pole dimension
    20A 4 Pole M2 Panel

    Rotary switch escutcheon plate
    Tips: What is a rotary switch?

    The rotary switch is actually a multi-function, multi-loop combination switch for controlling the circuit to issue control commands or for remote control. It can also be used as a voltmeter, a commutation switch for an ammeter or as a start and adjust for a small-capacity motor. Speed and commutation control.

    Existing reviews of 2 Position 20A Rotary Switch, 4 Pole
    Robust build but unclear labeling
    This 2 Position 20A Rotary Switch, 4 Pole has a sturdy build and seems to handle current well. However, the switching mechanism feels a bit stiff, making it less user-friendly than expected. Additionally, the labeling on the switch is not very clear, which could be confusing in certain applications.
    From: Eulalie | Date: 10/11/2023
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    Good rotary switch
    I bought ten 2 position rotary switches in ATO and got some small discount. The rotary switches are well structured and easy to use. I would like to share it with more people.
    From: Patrick | Date: 26/12/2019
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