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    2 Position 25A Rotary Switch, 4 Pole

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    Buy cheap price rotary cam switch, 2 position, 4 pole, 25 Amp rated current, rotary switch is mainly used for the conversion of various control lines, voltmeter, ammeter commutation measurement control, distribution device line conversion and remote control.
    SKU: ATO-LW26GS25
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    2 position 4 pole Rotary switches rated voltage 440V, it can be used to directly control the start, speed and commutation of small capacity motors, manufacturer direct sales.


    Model ATO-LW26GS25
    Rated Voltage 440V
    Rated Thermal Current 25A
    Rated Working Current AC-21 25A
    AC-22 25A
    AC-23 22A
    Pole 4 Pole
    Position 2 Position
    Rated Power 11 kW
    Escutcheon Plate M2
    Dimension A 64
    C 45.2
    L 51
    H 42
    E 48
    F 48
    D1 φ10
    D2 φ4.5
    Ambient Temperature -25℃-40℃
    Altitude ≤2000m
    Humidity ≤50%

    Dimensions (Unit=mm)
    Rotary switch 4-pole dimension
    25A 4 Pole M2 Panel

    Rotary switch escutcheon plate
    Tips: Rotary switch maintenance

    1. When the rotary switch is powered off, it will stop the auxiliary isolation first, then stop the main isolation.
    2. Check the gas concentration before opening the cover. After opening the cover, check whether the cable of the wiring chamber is tight and whether there is any debris in the switch cavity; handle the explosion-proof surface of the switch.
    3. The upper cover: restore the shift, switch power supply.
    4. Perform a protection test on the rotary switch. Use appropriate tools and proper methods of operation during the inspection.

    Existing reviews of 2 Position 25A Rotary Switch, 4 Pole
    Fit perfectly
    Excellent product! Worked well as a replacement for a broken 22 MM switch in a lathe. It works as intended. Easy to install and very well made. I'm happy with my purchase, the plastic housing feels very protective and resistant. Exactly what I expected.
    From: wje | Date: 21/04/2022
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