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    2 Position 125A Rotary Switch, 4 Pole

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    2 position rotary switch rated current 125A, 4 pole, frequency 50Hz, ideal for power switches, speed switches and induction motors in power lines, easy to operate and flexible to install, manufacturer direct sales.
    SKU: ATO-LW26GS125

    The cost-effective rotary switch 125 Amp, frequency 50Hz, It is mostly used as a power supply inlet switch in the machine's electrical control circuit.


    Model ATO-LW26GS125
    Rated Voltage 440V
    Rated Thermal Current 125A
    Rated Working Current AC-21 100A
    AC-22 100A
    AC-23 90A
    Pole 4 Pole
    Position 2 Position
    Rated Power 45 kW
    Escutcheon Plate M2
    Dimension A 88
    C 84
    L 88
    H 52
    E 68
    F 68
    D1 φ13
    D2 φ6
    Ambient Temperature -25℃-40℃
    Altitude ≤2000m
    Humidity ≤50%

    Dimensions (Unit=mm)
    Rotary switch 4-pole dimension
    125A 4 Pole M3 Panel Diagram
    Rotary witch diagram
    Conditions of Use

    1. The ambient air temperature does not exceed +40 ° C, and the average temperature within 24 hours does not exceed 35 ° C.
    2. The lower limit of ambient air temperature does not exceed -5 °C.
    3. When the maximum temperature is +40 °C, the relative humidity of the air does not exceed 50%. When the temperature is low, high relative humidity can be allowed, for example, 90% at 20 °C. Special measures should be taken for condensation that occasionally occurs with temperature changes.
    4. The surrounding environment should be clean, free of flammable and flammable hazardous materials, no gas sufficient to damage insulation and metal, no conductive dust.

    Tips: The rotary switch is also similar to the traditional incremental encoder. There are two orthogonal output signals, channel A and channel B, which can be directly connected to the encoder processing chip. The switch has a cylindrical appearance. The terminals are produced around the barrel, and these terminals are the extension of the "Jane" static contact piece. The static contact piece is evenly distributed and laid in the tube, in the structure of the shop-layer, and so on, each The layers are insulated from each other.

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    Stable and reliable
    This 2-position 125A rotary switch, 4-pole is of outstanding quality. It is stable, reliable and easy to operate. It performs well in circuit control and provides great help for our work. Moreover, it is designed to be very durable and can be used for a long time without problems. This switch not only meets our electrical needs but also excels in safety.
    From: Jose | Date: 26/09/2023
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