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    What are the Types of Rocker Switches?

    A rocker switch is a common type of electronic switch used to control the connection and disconnection of a circuit. It works based on a movable rocker, and when the rocker is moved in different directions, the switch opens or closes in different positions. Rocker switches are widely used in various electronic devices and circuits to control different functions.

    Also known as a boat switch, seesaw switch, IO switch, or power switch, its structure is the same as the knob switch, just change the knob handle into a boat shape. Boat-shaped switches are often used as power switches for electronic equipment, and their contacts are divided into single-pole, single-throw double-pole, double-throw, and other types of switches, and some switches also have indicator lights. Based on their characteristics and uses, rocker switches can be categorized into a variety of types. The following are some common types of rocker switches and their detailed descriptions.

    Categorized by Actuation Mode

    • Monostable Rocker Switches: The monostable rocker switches maintain their state after operation until they are operated again. The monostable rocker switches are common applications include power switches in household appliances, start-up switches in electronic devices, etc.
    • Bi-stable Rocker Switches: The bi-stable rocker switches have two states, which switch from one state to the other after operation, and can be switched back after operation again. For example, the bi-stable rocker switch in a video game controller can be used to control the movement direction of the character.
    • LCD Rocker Switches: The LCD rocker switches are usually used for LCD screen adjustments such as brightness and contrast. The LCD rocker switches are often touch-typed, and the parameters are adjusted by sliding or clicking operations.

    Types of rocker switchesConnection Method Classification

    • Single Pole, Single Throw Rocker Switch: The SPST rocker switch is a simple switch with only one controllable circuit path. It connects or disconnects a circuit and the SPST rocker switch is used for general switching applications.
    • Single Pole Double Throw Rocker Switch: The SPDT rocker switch has a common contact that can be connected to two different outputs. The SPDT rocker switch is often used to switch two different states of a circuit, for example, to switch different signal sources or circuits.
    • Double-pole, Double-throw Rocker Switches: The DDT rocker switches have two common contacts that can be connected to two sets of outputs at the same time. The DDT rocker switch is often used in situations where multiple circuits need to be switched at the same time, such as channel switching in audio equipment.

    Classification of Operating Modes

    • Slide Rocker Switches: The slide switches switch the state of a circuit by sliding horizontally or vertically. They are often used in applications that require more space, such as volume control in audio equipment.
    • Toggle Rocker Switches: The toggle rocker switches toggle the state of a circuit by a clicking operation, similar to that of a push button. The toggle rocker switches are more common in small devices such as buttons in remote controls.
    • Rotary Rocker Switches: The rotary switches switch the state of a circuit by rotating it, and are often used in regulation applications, such as frequency adjustment in radios.

    Classification of Application Areas

    • Automotive Electronic Rocker Switches: Used for the control of electronic devices inside the automobile, such as window switches, rearview mirror¬†adjustment, and so on.
    • Home Appliance Rocker Switches: Used for home appliance control, such as light control switches, fan control, etc.
    • Industrial Equipment Rocker Switches: Used for industrial control equipment in the circuit switch, such as machine control, instrumentation, etc.
    • Electronic Equipment Rocker Switches: Used for a variety of electronic products in the circuit connection and disconnection, such as television, audio, computer, etc.

    In short, a rocker switch is a multi-functional electronic switch that can be categorized into a variety of types depending on its connection configuration and operating characteristics. The rocker switches have a wide range of uses in a variety of electronic devices and applications, from simple lighting control to complex signal routing and circuit switching.

    Choosing the right type of rocker switch for a particular application is essential to ensure proper circuit operation and user-friendly operation. ATO online shop offers a wide selection of high-quality rocker switches in different models and applications, such as lighted rocker switch, illuminated rocker switch, on off on rocker switch, and other rocker switches, if you are interested in it, please feel free to click here to buy it.

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