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    What are the Types of Rocker Switches?

    A rocker switch is a common type of electronic switch used to control the connection and disconnection of a circuit. It works based on a movable rocker, and when the rocker is moved in different directions, the switch opens or closes in different positions. Rocker switches are widely used in various electronic devices and circuits to control different functions.

    Also known as a boat switch, seesaw switch, IO switch, or power switch, its structure is the same as the knob switch, just change the knob handle into a boat shape. Boat-shaped switches are often used as power switches for electronic equipment, and their contacts are divided into single-pole, single-throw double-pole, double-throw, and other types of switches, and some switches also have indicator lights. Based on their characteristics and uses, rocker switches can be categorized into a variety of types. The following are some common types of rocker switches and their detailed descriptions.

    What is Rocker Switch Used For?

    Electronic switches are an integral part of modern electronic equipment, used to control parameters such as on-off, direction and power of circuits. Among them, the rocker switch, as a common electronic switch, has a simple structure, easy operation and installation, and has been widely used in home appliances, automobiles, aerospace, industrial control and other fields. This article will introduce the applicable scenarios and structure of the rocker switch.

    How to Install Rocker Switch?

    The rocker switch is widely used in life and brings a lot of convenience to people's life. So do you know how to wire the rocker switch? Next, ATO will bring you knowledge about how to wire and select the rocker switch.