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    How to Install Rocker Switch?

    The rocker switch is widely used in life and brings a lot of convenience to people's life. So do you know how to wire the rocker switch? Next, ATO will bring you knowledge about how to wire and select the rocker switch.

    Rocker switch wiring

    There are two wiring methods for the ship-type switch: single pole switch and double pole switch.

    Single pole switch

    Unipolar switches have only one power connection and one load connection. In the wiring of a single pole switch, both the power and load wires need to be connected to the switch.

    1.  Connect one end of the power cord to one terminal of the switch.
    2. Connect one end of the load wire to the other terminal of the switch.
    3. Connect the other ends of the power supply and load wires to the power supply and load respectively.

    Double pole switch

    A bipolar switch has two power connections and two load connections. In the wiring of a double pole switch, both the power wires and the two load wires need to be connected to the switch.illuminated rocker switch 4 pin

    1. Connect the two power wires to the two terminals of the rocker switch respectively.
    2. Connect the two load wires to the two terminals of the switch respectively.
    3. Connect the other ends of the power supply and load wires to the power supply and load respectively.

    Three wiring pins can be seen on the back of the rocker switch, usually two silver and one copper. Connect the live wire to the silver terminal on the side, connect the control wire to the other silver terminal, and then connect the neutral wire to the copper terminal, making sure the connection is tight.

    The test is started after power is applied and the light comes on when the switch is closed. If the load works, it means that the connection is correct and can be used normally. What needs to be noted here is that the ship-type switch must be cautious when wiring, and it must not be connected incorrectly. If the live wire and the neutral wire are reversed, a short circuit will occur when the switch is closed. If the firewire and the control wire are reversed, the switch cannot be used.

    What should you pay attention to when installing?On off on rocker switch 3 pin

    1. The installation height of the rocker switch is generally 1.4 meters above the ground, and they are at the same height, and the difference cannot exceed 5mm. The on-off rocker switch is generally installed on the right side of the door and cannot be installed on the back of the door. If several rocker switches are installed side by side or multi-position switches, it is necessary to control the position of the electrical appliance corresponding to the position of each switch function. For example, the leftmost rocker switch should control the relative leftmost electrical appliance.
    2. Necessary boat-type switches can be installed at a height of 0.5 meters above the wall desk and bedside table, which is beneficial for users to control indoor electrical appliances without sailing. Kitchens, bathrooms, rooftops, and switchgear should be kept as close as possible to water areas. If it is closed, a switch should be added to prevent water from splashing into the switch box.
    3. Since each installation environment is different, for example, in a wet bathroom, we need to purchase a ship-type switch with an indicator light and a waterproof cover first, so as to avoid short-circuiting of the wires caused by moisture intrusion. The location where the switch is installed depends on the usage habits of the family. Most people are right-handed and open the door to the right when entering, so the switch should be installed on the left side of the door. If it is a bedroom or a large living room, it needs to be equipped with a double control switch, which will be more convenient to use.
    4. Ensure proper distance from the switch. If the length of the TV wall is more than 3.6 meters, you need to add more sockets. If it is less than 3.6 meters, you need to set its position to the center, give priority to buying 5-hole sockets, and make the sockets closer to the outlets of the TV to ensure that they exceed 0.5 meters. Ensure that the height of the air conditioner switch is appropriate. The split type is about 1.8 meters from the ground, the desktop area is close to the window and 1.4 meters from the ground, and the cabinet type is 0.3 meters.

    How to solve the fault of the switch?

    The rocker switch has a metal plate inside with a spring fulcrum in the middle. If the spring is displaced and the plastic bracket is aging and deformed, the switch is not flexible. You can take it apart after power off. Maybe it can be restored if the plastic part is not damaged. The neutral wire inside the switch is straight through and has nothing to do with the switch components. Therefore, if the switch trips, it is also because the insulation layer of the neutral wire passing through the switch is damaged. You can cut off the damaged section and re-wire it. Pay attention to the insulation. It may also be that the pin of the indicator light is short-circuited, just re-wire it.

    From the above article, we can see that when we wire the switch, we must consider various aspects, such as the surrounding environment, user habits, and the distance between the switches, etc., so as to ensure that the switch is comfortable to use and avoid many problems.

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