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    Photoelectric Liquid Level Sensor, Stainless Steel, PNP/ NPN

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    Stainless steel photoelectric level sensor, 1/4 NPT thread type, is NPN/ PNP signal output directly driving the relay. It is a kind of liquid level controller which detects with infrared ray to avoid inducting wrong action by interference of sun or light. This optical water level sensor is easy mounting and can be used in impure or adhesive liquid.
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    Photoelectric liquid level sensor can be widely applied in water purification, sewage treatment, electrical industry, hydraulic machinery and so on. It provides protection of antipole, overvoltage, short circuit and transient.


    Model ATO-WIFS-IR2102D
    Structure Metallic structure
    Type Strong acid and strong alkaline type
    Material Stainless steel + glass
    Signal Output NPN/ PNP
    Contact Form NO/ NC
    Action Mode 3 wire: Not switchable
    Tread Type 1/4 NPT
    Detected Object Water/ Neutral solution/ Non-viscous acid-alkaline solution
    Detection Accuracy Less than plus or minus 1mm
    Voltage DC5-24V (including voltage fluctuation 10%)
    Max Current Consumption <15mA
    Load Current below 100mA
    Response Time 1ms, 0.25ms
    Electrical Life More than 100,000 times (opening and closing frequency: 1800 times/hour)
    Environmental Illumination Incandescent Lamp: 5000lx or less. Sunlight: 80,000lx or less
    Environment Temperature ON: -30~+100℃ OFF: -40~+120℃ (with no icing and frosting)
    Insulation Resistance above 20mΩ (500VDC)
    Protection Level IP62
    Connection Method Lead-out type (wire length 30cm)
    Lead color definition Red VDC; Blue GND; Yellow out
    Mass (Sensor Only) about 40g
    Accessories Sealing ring, nut

    Dimensions (Units: mm)

    Photoelectric Liquid Level Sensor Dimensions

    3 Wire Signal Output and Circuit Diagram

    Signal output and circuit diagram of photoelectric liquid level sensor

    Mounting Method

    Mounting Method of Photoelectric Liquid Level Sensor


    Applications of Photoelectric Liquid Level Sensor

    Tips: What are the advantages of photoelectric liquid level sensor?

    • Accurate liquid level detection, high repeatability and fast response.
      The output of liquid level is only related to whether the photoelectric probe contacts the liquid level, and has nothing to do with other characteristics of the medium, including temperature, pressure, density and electrical parameters, so the detection of the photoelectric liquid level switch is high accurate and repeatable.
    • It can be made into multi-point liquid level sensor.
      Because the volume of photoelectric probe is relatively small, multiple photoelectric probes can be installed on a measuring body to make multi-point liquid level sensor and controller.
    • Strong adaptability to the environment.
      Photoelectric level switch can be used in vacuum and pressure environment, flammable and explosive occasions, as well as special liquid environment such as turbulence, bubble, vibration and steam.
    • It is suitable for special container installation.
      The photoelectric probe can be installed separately in a small space and is suitable for special tank or container.
    Existing reviews of Photoelectric Liquid Level Sensor, Stainless Steel, PNP/ NPN
    Please recommend me a radar level sensor
    I need a radar level sensor, non-contact water level measurement. What do you recommend?
    From: Laura | Date: 10/11/2021
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    ATO Responded
    You have to specify the following: So can recommend the most suited model. What are the requirements for measuring range, output signal, power supply, horn antenna size and installation?
    Certificate of photoelectric liquid level sensor
    Is it possible to get the calibration certificate of your photoelectric liquid level sensor?
    From: Jcleve | Date: 25/10/2021
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    ATO Responded
    Yes, we can provide factory calibration certificate "free of charge".
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