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    What is a Through Beam Photoelectric Sensor?

    Through beam photoelectric switch is composed of a light emitter and a light receiver, and the detection distance can be increased by separating the light emitter and the light receiver. Its detection distance can reach several meters or even tens of meters. When in use, the light-emitting device and the light-receiving device are respectively installed on both sides of the passing path of the detection object. When the detection object passes through, the light path is blocked, and the light-receiving device acts to output a switch control signal.

    ATO through beam photoelectric sensor

    Through beam photoelectric sensor


    • Long detection distance. If the detection distance of more than 10m is reserved in the through beam type, the through beam photoelectric sensor can also be detected.
    • Few restrictions on the detection object. Since the detection principle is based on the shading and reflection caused by the detection object, it can detect almost all objects such as glass, plastic, wood, liquid, etc., unlike the proximity sensor, which limits the detection object to metal.
    • Short response time. The light itself is high-speed, and the circuit of the sensor is composed of electronic parts, so there is no mechanical operation time, and the response time is very short.
    • High resolution. High resolution can be achieved by concentrating the projected light beam in a small spot or by forming a special light-receiving optical system through advanced design technology. Detection of tiny objects and high-precision position detection are also possible.
    • Can realize non-contact detection. The detection can be achieved without mechanically touching the detection object, so the detection object and the sensor will not be damaged. Therefore, the sensor can be used for a long time.
    • Can realize color discrimination. The reflectivity and absorbance of the light formed by the detection object differ depending on the wavelength of the projected light and the color combination of the detection object. Using this property, the color of the detection object can be detected.
    • Easy to adjust. In the type of projected visible light, the projected light beam is visible to the eye, which facilitates adjustment of the position of the detected object.

    ATO through beam photoelectric sensor can be used with PLC, single chip microcomputer, electronic counter, solid state relay and small relay, etc., which is widely applied in machinery, chemical industry, textile, printing, clinker, food, mining, metallurgy, and other industries. The sensing distance is adjustable, and the maximum detection distance exceeds 50cm. ATO install kit includes fix the bracket, screws, nuts and gaskets. In addition, ATO also provides other types of photoelectric sensors for you to choose from, they are all at factory price. Buy now!

    View the video below to learn more about ATO through beam photoelectric sensor.

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