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    Pressure Sensor for Automotive, Healthcare, Industrial Applications

    What is the general use of a pressure sensor?

    A pressure sensor (pressure transducer) is normally used to determine the value of the pressure generated in a system. The main intention is to compare to expected values for expected safe operation of the system in question.

    Common systems where pressure sensors are used include but are not limited to:

    • Compressed air systems.
    • Lubricant oil systems.
    • Water pumping systems.

    The systems mentioned above can actually be found in different industries and there are other systems which require pressure sensors. So, let’s see how pressure sensors can be used in each.

    Automotive Industry

    With so many systems working together in a vehicle, many parameters must be monitored to make sure they are operating as expected. This includes monitoring pressure levels.

    Moreover, with the safety of the driver and passengers in the hands of the proper operation of the vehicle in different situations, components such as pressure sensors become even more important.

    Pressure sensors in automobiles are used forpressure sensor for airwateroil

    • Monitoring the air pressure in the tires.
    • Monitoring hydraulic pressure in ABS systems.
    • Controlling the mixture of air and fuel in the engine.
    • Monitoring the oil pressure for engines in operation.
    • Activating airbags in case of collision.

    In short, the automotive industry requires pressure transducers with the capability of working with different media such as air, oil and fuel.

    Healthcare Industry

    The healthcare industry has very high standards for safety and quality. Moreover, it has tried to innovate with the development of many devices to facilitate the work of doctors and nurses while increasing the possibility for patients to survive and become healthy.

    A great example of the recent innovations in the healthcare industry where the solutions to help COVID-19 patients since the pandemic started. Of course, pressure sensors play an important role in all these innovations.

    Pressure sensors are used in the healthcare industry as follows:ato pressure sensor

    ● Monitoring the oxygen supplied to a patient by means of a ventilator.
    ● Controlling the pressure in hyperbaric chambers.
    ● Blood pressure control.
    ● Controlling air pressure for sleep apnea therapy.
    ● Controlling automatic administration of medicines.

    Different types of applications in the healthcare industry require different types of pressure sensors.

    Intelligent Building Applications

    This is an area which has grown a lot in recent years, since things such as domotics and the Internet of Things (IoT) are becoming commonplace nowadays.

    Historically, pressure sensors have been very important in environment conditioning for office and residential buildings. So, with more automation included in intelligent buildings, more pressure sensors are used.differential pressure transducer

    This is how pressure transducers are used in intelligent buildings:

    • Controlling the pressure of coolants in HVAC systems.
    • Monitoring the condition of air filters in HVAC systems.
    • Optimizing power consumption by controlling the speed at which HVAC fans work based on air flow.

    For HVAC systems like the ones in intelligent buildings, it is better to use differential pressure sensors.

    Industrial Applications

    There are a lot of industrial applications where pressure sensors are essential. Also, many industrial applications require the pressure sensors to operate under very harsh conditions, meaning very high or vey low temperatures, exposure to corrosive and abrasive elements, working with steam, working with high viscosity liquids, among others.

    For industrial applications the most common ways to use pressure sensors are:high temperature pressure transducer

    • Measuring liquid levels in tanks.
    • Monitoring process flow.
    • Identifying gas or steam leaks.
    • Measuring safe levels in pressurized tanks.
    • Measuring pumping pressures.
    • Managing loops in instrumentation and control.

    A good example of a pressure sensor used in industrial applications under harsh conditions is the high temperature pressure transducer.

    Final words

    There you have it. This is how pressure sensors can be used in different fields. Of course, this is just a quick overview and we may have missed some other uses.

    For example, we know pressure sensors are also used in consumer products such as washing machines or vacuum cleaners to achieve things such as determining the volume of water required according the load of the clothes and monitor the condition of the filter respectively.

    The bottom line is that pressure sensors or pressure transducers play an important role in the operations of different industries.

    If you are not sure what is the best alternative for your specific application, leave a comment or contact us directly. We will be glad to help you.

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