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    High Temperature Pressure Transducer, 100/300/3000/5000 PSI

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    High temperature pressure transducer with classic 2088 type head can be used in humid or harsh environment for a long time. Pressure transducer has optional measuring range -0.1~60MPa/ -1~600bar/ -14~8702psi, medium temperature -20~+300℃ (-4~+572℉), special for air/water/oil pressure measurement. The internal ASICs convert the mV signal into a standard current (4-20mA/0-20mA), voltage (0-5V/1-5V/0-10V) or RS485 signal.
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    High temperature pressure transducer for air/water/oil pressure measurement has optional output signal, such as 4-20mA/0-20mA/0-5V/1-5V/0-10V/RS485, pressure measuring range (0~100/300/3000/5000 psi) can be customized.

    Application: High temperature pressure transducer is widely used in process control, chemical, petroleum and metallurgical industry and other fields.


    Model ATO-PRES-P400G
    Weight 1.6kg
    Measuring range * -0.1~60MPa (-1~600bar/-14~8702psi)
    Pressure type Gauge pressure (standard)
    Contact us for absolute pressure, sealed pressure type (note that the measuring range for these two types must ≤1MPa)
    Measure medium Air, water, oil
    Power supply * DC 12V, DC 24V, DC 12-36V
    Output signal * 4-20mA, 0-20mA, 0-5V, 1-5V, 0-10V, RS485
    Accuracy * ±0.5%FS, ±0.3%FS, ±1%FS (when output signal is 0-5V or 0-10V)
    Zero temperature drift ±0.03%FS/℃
    Sensitivity temperature drift ±0.03%FS/℃
    Long term stability ≤0.2%FS/year
    Overload pressure 200%FS
    Frequency response (-3dB) 5kHz~650kHz
    Thread of pressure connection * G1/4, G1/2, 1/4NPT, 1/2NPT, M14*1.5, M20*1.5
    Response time <10ms
    Operating temperature -40~+80℃ (-40~+176℉)
    Medium temperature -20~+300℃ (-4~+572℉)
    Quantity of cooling fins (medium temperature) * 3 pieces (-20~+120℃/-4~+248℉), 5 pieces (-20~+180℃/-4~356℉), 7 pieces (-20~250℃/-4~+482℉)
    Note: For higher medium temperature (-20~+300℃/-4~572℉), please contact us to customize a cooling pipe kits.
    Material Housing: Cast aluminum
    Fill fluid: Silicon oil
    Pressure port: 316L stainless steel
    Separating diaphragm: 316L stainless steel
    Protection class IP67

    Note: * denotes optional parameters, you can select every parameter in drop-down lists to finish your order.

    High temperature pressure transducer dimension drawing (unit: mm):
    High temperature pressure transducer dimensional drawing
    Pressure transducer wiring diagram:
    Pressure transducer wiring drawing
    Tips: Outage and commissioning steps of on-site installed pressure transducer
    The installation method of on-site installed pressure transducer and spring manometer are nearly the same, namely there's only one sampling valve. Sometimes, there's also a drain valve.
    Note: On-site installed pressure transducer mentioned here mainly refers to the screw mounted transducer, such as the monocrystalline silicon pressure transducer.

    1. Outage Method of On-site Installed Pressure Transducer
      When stopping, close the sampling valve of on-site installed pressure transducer and open the drain valve slowly to remove the measured pressure. If there's no drain pressure, the pressure can only be relieved by slowly loosening the joint threads of pressure transmitter. When operating, be careful of medium pressure injury.
    2. Commissioning Method of On-site Installed Pressure Transducer
      When commissioning, open the sampling valve of on-site installed pressure transducer.

    Measuring range conversion table:

    Unit kPa MPa bar psi
    Measuring range 0~5 0~0.005 0~0.05 0~0.7
    0~10 0~0.01 0~0.1 0~1.5
    0~20 0~0.02 0~0.2 0~3
    0~50 0~0.05 0~0.5 0~7
    0~100 0~0.1 0~1 0~14
    -100~0 -0.1~0 -1~0 -14~0
    -100~100 -0.1~0.1 -1~1 -14~14
    0~600 0~0.6 0~6 0~87
    0~1000 0~1 0~10 0~145
    0~1600 0~1.6 0~16 0~232
    0~2500 0~2.5 0~25 0~362
    0~6000 0~6 0~60 0~870
    0~10000 0~10 0~100 0~1450
    0~20000 0~20 0~200 0~2900
    0~30000 0~30 0~300 0~4351
    0~40000 0~40 0~400 0~5801
    0~50000 0~50 0~500 0~7252
    0~60000 0~60 0~600 0~8702
    0~100000 0~100 0~1000 0~14503

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    Related questions about high temperature pressure transducer
    I want ask you can I connet the pressure sensore output RS485 directly with pc by used cable RS485 converter, also can I connect 4 sensor to the computer in the same time?
    From: Mephod | Date: 13/05/2021
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    ATO Responded
    Yes. First, all four sensors and PC (such as touch screens) must support RS485 communication protocol.
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