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    Digital Pressure Gauge for Air/Oil/Water/Hydraulic

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    Digital air/oil/water/hydraulic pressure gauge can display the measured value in real time. It adopts high-definition 4 digit LCD display with backlight, accuracy 0.5%FS, measuring range -100KPa~60MPa/ -1~600bar/ -14~8702psi. Digital pressure gauge can realize: 1) one-touch clear operation, calibrate and set zero at any time; 2) using panel buttons to directly switch between five international standard units (KPa, PSI, kgf/cm2, Bar, MPa); 3) automatically record the peak value of the measured parameters, and the historical peak data can be traced back.
    SKU: ATO-PREG-Y290
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    Digital pressure gauge for air/oil/water/hydraulic pressure measurement has 4 digit LCD display with backlight.

    Application: Digital air/oil/water/hydraulic pressure gauge is widely used in process control, aerospace, automotive, medical equipment, HVAC and other fields.


    Model ATO-PREG-Y290
    Weight 0.5kg
    Measuring range * -0.1~60MPa (-1~600bar/-14~8702psi)
    Pressure type Gauge pressure, absolute pressure, sealed pressure
    Measure medium Air, oil, water, hydraulic
    Power supply DC 3V (2*1.5V AAA dry cell)
    Display 4 digit LCD display with backlight
    Accuracy ±0.5%FS
    Zero temperature drift ±0.03%FS/℃
    Sensitivity temperature drift ±0.03%FS/℃
    Long term stability ≤0.2%FS/year
    Overload pressure 150%FS (<40MPa), 120%FS (≥40MPa)
    Frequency response (-3dB) 5kHz~650kHz
    Diameter of dial plate * 80mm, 100mm
    Thread of pressure connection * G1/4, G1/2, 1/4NPT, 1/2NPT, M14*1.5, M20*1.5
    Sampling time 5 times/s
    Operating temperature -40~+80℃ (-40~+176℉)
    Medium temperature -20~+70℃ (-4~+158℉)
    Material Housing: 304 stainless steel
    Fill fluid: silicon oil
    Pressure port: 304 stainless steel, or 316L stainless steel (customizable)
    Separating diaphragm: 304 stainless steel, or 316L stainless steel (customizable)
    Battery compartment: ABS
    Protection class IP65

    Note: * denotes optional parameters, you can select every parameter in drop-down lists to finish your order.

    Digital pressure gauge dimension drawing (unit: mm):
    Digital pressure gauge dimensional drawing
    Tips: How to set the digital pressure gauge?
    There are 4 keys on the digital pressure gauge and they're POWER key, UNIT key, ZERO key and LIGHT key. The specific key operations and calibration settings are as follows:

    1. POWER key: Long press POWER key 5s for power on/off.
    2. UNIT key: Short press UNIT key to change unit according to the order of KPa, PSI, kgf/cm2, Bar, MPa. Long press UNIT key 5s to check peak value (MAX), then short press UNIT key to check valley value (MIN).
    3. ZERO key: Long press ZERO key 5s to finish zero calibration.
    4. LIGHT key: Short press LIGHT key, light on/off. The time of light on is about 70s.
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    Can this digital pressure gauge be shipped to Thailand?
    Can you ship this digitial presure gauge to Thailand?
    From: Cyanm | Date: 03/09/2021
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    ATO Responded
    Yes, we can. We support free shipping worldwide.
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