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    Digital Pressure Gauge for Air/Oil/Water/Hydraulic

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    Digital air/oil/water/hydraulic pressure gauge can display the measured value in real time. It adopts high-definition 4 digit LCD display with backlight, accuracy 0.5%FS, measuring range -100KPa~60MPa/ -1~600bar/ -14~8702psi. Digital pressure gauge can realize: 1) one-touch clear operation, calibrate and set zero at any time; 2) using panel buttons to directly switch between five international standard units (KPa, PSI, kgf/cm2, Bar, MPa), when KPa or MPa range is selected, only the corresponding range unit is displayed; 3) automatically record the peak value of the measured parameters, and the historical peak data can be traced back.
    SKU: ATO-PREG-Y290
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    Digital pressure gauge for air/oil/water/hydraulic pressure measurement has 4 digit LCD display with backlight.

    Application: Digital air/oil/water/hydraulic pressure gauge is widely used in process control, aerospace, automotive, medical equipment, HVAC and other fields.


    Model ATO-PREG-Y290
    Weight 0.5kg
    Measuring range * -0.1~60MPa (-1~600bar/-14~8702psi)
    Pressure type Gauge pressure (standard), absolute pressure, sealed pressure
    Measure medium Air, oil, water, hydraulic
    Power supply DC 3V (2*1.5V AAA dry cell)
    Display 4 digit LCD display with backlight
    Accuracy ±0.5%FS
    Zero temperature drift ±0.03%FS/℃
    Sensitivity temperature drift ±0.03%FS/℃
    Long term stability ≤0.2%FS/year
    Overload pressure 150%FS (<40MPa), 120%FS (≥40MPa)
    Frequency response (-3dB) 5kHz~650kHz
    Diameter of dial plate  80mm
    Thread of pressure connection * G1/4, G1/2, 1/4NPT, 1/2NPT, M14*1.5, M20*1.5
    Sampling time 5 times/s
    Operating temperature -40~+80℃ (-40~+176℉)
    Medium temperature -20~+70℃ (-4~+158℉)
    Material Housing: 304 stainless steel
    Fill fluid: silicon oil
    Pressure port: 304 stainless steel, or 316L stainless steel (customizable)
    Separating diaphragm: 304 stainless steel, or 316L stainless steel (customizable)
    Battery compartment: ABS
    Protection class IP65

    Note: * denotes optional parameters, you can select every parameter in drop-down lists to finish your order.

    Digital pressure gauge dimension drawing (unit: mm):
    Digital pressure gauge dimension
    Tips: How to set the digital pressure gauge?
    There are 4 keys on the digital pressure gauge and they're POWER key, UNIT key, ZERO key and LIGHT key. The specific key operations and calibration settings are as follows:

    1. POWER key: Long press POWER key 5s for power on/off.
    2. UNIT key: Short press UNIT key to change unit according to the order of KPa, PSI, kgf/cm2, Bar, MPa. Long press UNIT key 5s to check peak value (MAX), then short press UNIT key to check valley value (MIN).
    3. ZERO key: Long press ZERO key 5s to finish zero calibration.
    4. LIGHT key: Short press LIGHT key, light on/off. The time of light on is about 70s.

    Measuring range conversion table:

    Unit kPa MPa bar psi
    Measuring range 0~5 0~0.005 0~0.05 0~0.7
    0~10 0~0.01 0~0.1 0~1.5
    0~20 0~0.02 0~0.2 0~3
    0~50 0~0.05 0~0.5 0~7
    0~100 0~0.1 0~1 0~14
    -100~0 -0.1~0 -1~0 -14~0
    -100~100 -0.1~0.1 -1~1 -14~14
    0~600 0~0.6 0~6 0~87
    0~1000 0~1 0~10 0~145
    0~1600 0~1.6 0~16 0~232
    0~2500 0~2.5 0~25 0~362
    0~6000 0~6 0~60 0~870
    0~10000 0~10 0~100 0~1450
    0~20000 0~20 0~200 0~2900
    0~30000 0~30 0~300 0~4351
    0~40000 0~40 0~400 0~5801
    0~50000 0~50 0~500 0~7252
    0~60000 0~60 0~600 0~8702
    0~100000 0~100 0~1000 0~14503

    Existing reviews of Digital Pressure Gauge for Air/Oil/Water/Hydraulic
    Versatile Digital Pressure Gauge
    I'm extremely satisfied with my experience using this digital pressure gauge. Its versatility is astounding. I can effortlessly measure pressure in air, oil, water, and hydraulic systems without needing to purchase multiple types of gauges. This convenience greatly streamlines my workflow, saving both time and money. If you're also in search of a versatile digital pressure gauge, I strongly recommend this product!
    From: Aubrey | Date: 28/04/2024
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    Can this digital pressure gauge be shipped to Thailand?
    Can you ship this digitial presure gauge to Thailand?
    From: Cyanm | Date: 03/09/2021
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    ATO Responded
    Yes, we can. We support free shipping worldwide.
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