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    How to Install and Wire Pressure Sensor Safely?

    A pressure sensor is a device that can sense the pressure signal and convert the pressure signal into a usable output electrical signal according to a certain law. It usually consists of a pressure-sensitive element and a signal processing unit. According to different test pressure types, pressure sensors can be divided into gauge pressure sensors, differential pressure sensors, and absolute pressure sensors. ATO pressure sensor is the most commonly used sensor in the industry. It is widely used in various industrial automation environments, involving water conservancy and hydropower, railway transportation, intelligent buildings, production automation, aerospace, military, petrochemical, oil wells, electricity, ships, machine tools, pipeline and many other industries.

    2 wiring connection methods

    2 wiring connection methodsInstallation Process

    1. Installation method of 4~ 20mA pressure transmitter based on ATO VFD and pump.
    2. Connect the three-phase pump power cord to the ATO single phase to three phase VFD.
    3. Connect the pressure transmitter to the top of the tee contactor.
    4. Connect the outlet pipe and inlet pipe to the tee.
    5. Connect the pressure transmitter with 2-wire connection.

    After installation, you will find:

    • The VFD controls the water pump. The water flows through the three-way joint and the pressure sensor measures the pressure. The measuring instrument displays the output signal of the pressure transmitter.
    • Power on, the VFD is in a stopped state. The pressure transmitter displays OMPa pressure. The measuring instrument displays 3.99mA (4mA).
    • Start the water pump. The pressure transmitter displays the pressure in the pipeline. The value of the measuring instrument is greater than 4mA. When the pressure in the pipe is increased, the pressure data displayed by the transmitter becomes larger. The measuring instrument data also becomes larger. The value of the measuring instrument will follow the pressure change.

    See the video below for know more details.

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