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    How to Wire AC Proximity Sensor?

    The proximity sensor is the general name of sensors that replace the contact detection methods such as limit switches and do not need to contact the detection object for the purpose of detection. It can detect the movement information and existence information of the object and convert them into electrical signals.

    How is it work?

    There is a component in the proximity switch that has the ability to "sense" objects approaching it, called a displacement sensor. It can use the sensitive characteristics of the displacement sensor to the approaching object to achieve the purpose of controlling the switch on or off. The distance sensed by the displacement sensor after the object moves toward the switch and approaches a certain distance is called the detection distance. Sometimes the detected objects approach the switch at a certain time interval and then leave one after another, which is repeated continuously, and the response-ability of different proximity switches to the detected object is also different, which is called the response frequency.

    2 wire proximity sensor wiring

    The load of the 2-wire proximity switch (left) is directly connected in series in the proximity switch power supply circuit. The 3-wire type (right) will have an additional load control line.

     Load of the 2-wire proximity switch

    Wiring process

    1. We will control a coil of a contactor according to the control schematic diagram.
    2. Use a circuit breaker to control the proximity switch.
    3. Connect the contactor coil in series to the proximity switch control circuit.
    4. Completed.
    5. Power-on.
    6. When the proximity switch is close to metal, it will be triggered.
    7. It can be observed that when the proximity switch is triggered, the coil of the contactor is energized. and the contactor acts.

    ATO has different proximity switches with a diameter of 4mm~30mm, applicable voltages are 24V DC/120V AC/240V AC, which can detect metal and non-metal objects.

    Watch the video to know the details for 2-wire AC proximity switch/sensor wiring.

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