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    How to Operate DTU Wireless Control?

    Data transfer unit is abbreviated as DTU, is a wireless data acquisition device specially used to convert serial port data to IP data or convert IP data to serial port data. It is transmitted through a wireless communication network. Today we are going to carry ou wireless control, between computer and varible frequency drive via to different model of DTU. This is varible frequency drive.

    Varible frequency drive

    Later is will use one push button and one breaker with purpose for protecting the VFD. This is push button. I will connect with "FWD" and "COM" with purpose, start and stop VFD, and one motor.

    Push button

    Wiring. Now I will start cable connection. I will connect all the cables for each euqipment. First one E820 DTU.

    Cable connection

    The next one, I will connect vairable frequency drive with motor. Making sure here is matching: U, V, W

    Matching UVW

    l will use one push buttton to connect "FWD" with "COM". Here should be used normal closed. FWD and COM. Secure the cable. Next I will connect power supply for VFD. I use one breaker. Remaining the last connection, E820 with VFD. The last one, first output port of E820 connect to VFD. All cables already connected. Confirm all cable connection is secured.

    E820 connect

    Start operation. Recheck the cable connection. (Notice: make sure both DIP-switches are in down position, means, data acquisition contronl mode.) l employed one push button to connect "FWD" and "GOM", with purpose start and stop. Take of these two cables. Plug-in power supply.

    Power supply

    Configuration Introduction. l will not display DTU parameter configuration here. Parameter configuration should be without load for VFD. Switch on the power.

    Software screen. Run the simulated software. Seleat the correct port for E90 data transfer unit. Make sure everything is ok, open the port, it will start. VFD is stopped. Switch off the power supply. Wait for some time, power off.

    Software screen

    If you want to learn more information about data transfer unit, please click this video or contact us.

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