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    How to Test the Load Cell Junction Box?

    Load cell junction box is used for load cell, which has 2/3/4/6/8/10 inlets and 1 outlet, which is easy to assemble and debug. Each channel can be adjusted balance to prevent damage to the sensor caused by inductive lightning and surge signals. So let’s learn about how to test the load cell junction box with a digital panel meter.

    This is an ATO load cell junction box. It has waterproof connectors on both sides. The wiring diagrams are posted on the front.

    ATO load cell junction box for scalesStep 1: Open the shell.

    There are waterproof rubber strips on the inner layer of the shell. The sensor wiring port has wiring identification.

    Open the load cell junction box

    We use two load cells of the same specification to test this box.

    Two ATO load cells

    Step 2: Wiring.

    Connect the wires to the inside of the box. And the digital panel meter will be used to display weight.

    Load cell junction box wiring

    Step 3: Test.

    Put a 2kg weight on one of the load cells, the digital meter shows 2.00kg. Put it on another load cell, the digital meter also shows 2.00kg. Put the weight on the two load cells, the digital meter is still accurate.

    Test the load cell junction box

    More details about load cell junction box text shows in the video below.

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