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    Remote Transmission of Data Transfer Unit

    Data transfer unit is transmitted through a wireless communication network. Data transfer unit uses advanced ultra-narrowband modulation technology, which greatly improves communication distance and transmission stability.

    It is suitable for many and scattered and complicated geographical environments. It can be connected to data terminals such as PLC, RTU, rain gauge, liquid level gauge, etc. Data transfer unit is widely used in power, environmental protection, LED information release, logistics, hydrology, meteorology and other industries.

    In the follow, the article will introduce remote transmission of data transfer unit.

    Confirm wiring. Recheck the cable connection, power cable, communication cable, antenna cable. Now power is off. I will confirm th DIP-switches position.

    DTU cable connection

    Put both DIP-switches at "UP" position. Plug in and indicator is lighting.

    Indicator lighting

    Configuration parameter. Run the software for E820. There are two languages, Chinese and English, select correct port, com 3 is for E820 here. And then, open port, search address, make sure it is working. First, read parameter, those information can be change, depend on your need. Then, write parameter, change the DlP-switches to control acquisition mode. Plug off and close the software. E90, the most of steps are the same as E820 almostly. Every type of DTU has its exclusive debugging software. (Notice: If you want to change the parameter/information here, you have to match the last one.) Change the DIP-switches mode and close the software, the plug off.


    Test. Now I will carry out control status. 

    Control status

    We should keep DIP-switches in same-position. M0&M1 are both in "UP" position. E90 can control output for E820. Now I will use multimeter to measure the value of E820 first output port. Take of the polarity. I will choose 200mA range. The value is 9.9, almost 10mA. And the 18mA is same as 9.9mA.


    If you want to learn more about remote transmission of data transfer unit, please click this video or contact us.

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