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    Data Transfer Unit Stability Testing

    Since GPRS DTU is mostly used in remote monitoring sites, the stability of GPRS DTU becomes very important. Many users choose GPRS DTU, and it is not enough to finish the selection work only by doing some simple tests in the early stage. If you choose an unstable GPRS DTU and apply it in large quantities, it is tantamount to planting a time bomb for your own monitoring system. So how can you test the stability of GPRS DTU comprehensively and quickly at the beginning? This has become an important topic.

    What is Data Transfer Unit?

    Data Transfer unit is a wireless terminal device specially used to convert serial port data into IP data (or convert IP data into serial port data), and then transmit it through the wireless communication network. DTU has been widely used in electric power, environmental protection, LED information release, logistics, hydrology, meteorology and other industries. Although the applied industries are different, the applied principles are the same. Most of the DTUs are connected to industrial equipment, such as PLC, single-chip microcomputer and other automation products, and then establish a wireless communication connection with the background. With the increasing development of the Internet today, the use of DTU is becoming more and more extensive. It provides assistance for information and industrial integration of various industries and between industries.

    Test of Data Transfer Unit

    What about DTU? DTU, data transfer unit. Data transfer unit offers complete, precise control of lighting and environmental controls from your computer. Using wireless communication, the DTU connects with all of your remote USB devices like lighting ballasts and temperature controls.

    Remote Transmission of Data Transfer Unit

    Data transfer unit is suitable for many and scattered and complicated geographical environments. It can be connected to data terminals such as PLC, RTU, rain gauge, liquid level gauge, etc. Data transfer unit is widely used in power, environmental protection, LED information release, logistics, hydrology, meteorology and other industries. In the follow, the article will introduce remote transmission of data transfer unit.

    How to Operate DTU Wireless Control?

    Data transfer unit is abbreviated as DTU, is a wireless data acquisition device specially used to convert serial port data to IP data or convert IP data to serial port data. It is transmitted through a wireless communication network. Today we are going to carry ou wireless control, between computer and varible frequency drive via to different model of DTU. This is varible frequency drive.

    Data Transfer Unit Price List

    Data transfer unit is a wireless data acquisition device, abbreviated as DTU. It can continuously transmit analog/digital/switch values at high speed, adapt to Modbus protocol, support RS485 and RS232 ports. The built-in power amplifier and low-noise amplifier enable transmission power to reach the required value, at the same time improve receiving sensitivity to a certain extent, and improve the overall communication stability. Data transfer unit selection specifications mainly include transfer power, transfer distance, transfer characteristics, etc.