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    Data Transfer Unit Price List

    Data transfer unit is a wireless data acquisition device, abbreviated as DTU. It can continuously transmit analog/digital/switch values at high speed, adapt to Modbus protocol, support RS485 and RS232 ports. Built-in power amplifier and low-noise amplifier enable transmission power to reach the required value, and improve receiving sensitivity to a certain extent, improve the overall communication stability. Specifications of data transfer unit in selection mainly include transfer power, transfer distance, transfer characteristics, etc.

    ATO DTU Transfer Unit

    Data Transfer Unit Price List

    Product Name SKU Transfer Power Transfer Distance Transfer Characteristic Price
    DTU Data Transfer Unit, Modbus RS485 ATO-DTFU-E8 1W 8km Acquisition range: 4-20mA analog value $206.04
    1W 8km Acquisition range: switch value/digital value $199.89
    DTU Data Transmission Unit, Modbus RS485/RS232 ATO-DTFU-E9C 1W 3km High-speed continuous transmission, suitable for application scenarios with large data volume. $113.85
    2W 5km $147.70
    5W 10km $209.23
    DTU Data Transfer Unit, LoRa, Strong Diffraction ATO-DTFU-E9L 1W 8km LoRa spread spectrum, strong diffraction, suitable for application scenarios with small data volume. $121.10
    5W 20km $210.33
    Data Transfer Unit, Strong Diffraction/Penetrability ATO-DTFU-E9N 0.5W 5km Penetration diffraction, suitable for application scenarios with small data volume. $123.08
    2W 8km $147.70
    5W 15km $209.23

    Note: Before purchasing, please confirm that the frequency band used by the device complies with local laws and regulations.

    Application Field

    ATO data transfer unit is suitable for all kinds of point-to-point, point-to-multipoint wireless data transmission systems. Application Industrial automation systems include smart home, IoT, power load monitoring, distribution automation, hydrology and water regime forecasting, city street light monitoring, air defense alarm control, railway signal monitoring, oil and gas pipeline network monitoring, GPS, remote meter reading, electronic crane scale, automatic target reporting, seismic forecasting, fire prevention and theft, environmental monitoring, etc.

    Application Scenario of Data Transfer Unit DTU

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