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    Test of Data Transfer Unit

    What about DTU? DTU, data transfer unit. Data transfer unit offers complete, precise control of lighting and environmental controls from your computer. Using wireless communication, the DTU connects with all of your remote USB devices like lighting ballasts and temperature controls.

    Look at the picture, there are two different model of DTU: E820 and E90. Today we are going to introduce two different model of DTU and test of data transfer unit.

    E820 and E90

    E820, 2 channel for amalog converter. From top to down, Here are two signal input, A1 and A2. ln the middle, have one reset button. When you push down, this model will automaticallv neset. Down have RS485 communication port. (Notice: you should remember the connection) And the last one, down is the power supply. You can give power supply to this two ports.

    A1 and A2

    There are three indicators. First one is power and reset. Other for transceiver and reaeiver. Here is output port. Same, two sets. This is important. Hene is two DIP-switches. You can control those two switches to change the mode.

    Three indicator

    Here is anntena port. At the bottom, we can see the specification in the nameplate. This is all of E820.

    Anntena port

    Let's go to E90. ln this side, it's RS232 communication port. Also here have RS485 communication port. And down is power supply. But this one has a little different between E820. There are two inputs (for power supply) can be put in here. Which one is convient for you, you can choose. There are three indicator lamps. This side almost is same: antenna amd DIP-switches. Also you can see the specification in the nameplate.

    Two input

    Confirm wiring. Recheck the cable connection, power cable, communication cable, antenna cable. Now power is off. I will confirm th DIP-switches position. l put both DIP-switches at "UP" position. Plug in. Indicator is lighting.

    Indicator lighting

    Configuration parameter. Run the software for E820. There are two languages, Chinese and English, select correct port, com 3 is for E820 here. And then, open port, search address, make sure it is working. First, read parameter, those information can be change, depend on your need. Then, write parameter, change the DlP-switches to control acquisition mode. Plug off and close the software. E90, the most of steps are the same as E820 almostly. Every type of DTU has its exclusive debugging software. (Notice:if you want to change the parameter(information) here, you have to match the last one.) Change the DIP-switches mode and close the software. Plug off.

    Now, I will start test data acqusition status. Run the simulated software and start my test. Write the command. Make sure this port already open, send. The return command should be: 01 03 02 27 10 A2 78. anyway we can not receive the ideal command. That mean, we can not get 10mA exactly.

    Simulated software

    What about 12mA? We can figure this value. Test s finished.

    Simulated software 12mA

    If you want to learn more about data transfer unit, please click this video or contact us.

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