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    Data Transfer Unit, Strong Diffraction/Penetrability

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    Data transfer unit is data transceiver using advanced ultra-narrowband modulation technology. Built-in PA and LNA, transmission power is 500mW/2W/5W for selection, transmission distance can be up to 15km. It uses 230MHz frequency band, with excellent penetrability and diffraction capabilities, provides real-time, reliable, and low-cost data transmission functions.
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    • Super strong penetrability and diffraction ability, suitable for complex physical environment with small amount of data and many obstacles.
    • Powerful software function, all specifications can be set by programming, such as power, frequency, air speed, address IP, etc.
    • Large single package, single package supports up to 186 bytes, and is compatible with Modbus.
    • All aluminum alloy shell, compact structure, easy installation, good heat dissipation, good electromagnetic compatibility, strong anti-interference ability.
    • Built-in watchdog. Once an exception occurs, module will automatically restart and continue to work according to the original specification settings.
    • Power supply reverse protection, over-current protection, antenna surge protection, high reliability, strong anti-interference ability.

    Note: Before purchasing, please confirm that the frequency band used by the device complies with local laws and regulations.


    Model ATO-E90-DTU (230N27) ATO-E90-DTU (230N33) ATO-E90-DTU (230N37)
    Transmit Power 0.5W 2W 5W
    Transmit Distance 5km 8km 15km
    Default Frequency 230MHz 230MHz 230MHz
    Frequency Range 225~237.6MHz 225~237.6MHz 225~237.6MHz
    Channel Spacing 200kHz 200kHz 200kHz
    Channels 64, half duplex 64, half duplex 64, half duplex
    Operation Temperature -40℃~+85℃   
    Antenna Impedance 50Ω   
    Supply Voltage 10~28VDC
    Transmit Current 163mA 806mA 1037mA
    Communication Interface RS323/RS485
    Band Rate Default 9600
    Adress Default 0
    Air Data Rate 1.2~70kbps
    Size (H*W*D) 82mm*62mm*25mm 124mm*105mm*25mm
    Certification CE, CCC
    Buffer 512bytes
    Sub-package Automatic subcontracting of 186 bytes to send

    Dimension Drawing (Unit: mm)

    ATO-E90-DTU (230N27) ATO-E90-DTU (230N33)

    Dimension drawing of data transfer unit model 230n27 230n33

    Installation dimension of data transfer unit model 230n27 230n33

    ATO-E90-DTU (230N37)
    Dimension drawing of data transfer unit model 230n37
    Installation dimension of data transfer unit model 230n37

    Tips: Preparations for using data transfer unit.

    1. Install antenna for data transfer unit, and then install power supply, and make sure that the DIP switch status is correct. Users select wire pressure method or power adapter to supply power according to needs, and either one can be selected.
    2. Use USB to RS232, USB to RS485 or other methods to connect computer to data transfer unit.
    3. Start two serial port debugging assistants. Select serial port baud rate of 9600bps and verification method of 8N can achieve serial port transparent transmission.
    4. If users need to modify specifications, please adjust data transfer unit to configuration mode and connect it to computer. Open configuration software to modify specifications. After completing configuration, be sure to restore DIP switch status, then communication can start.
    Existing reviews of Data Transfer Unit, Strong Diffraction/Penetrability
    Easy to install and set up, runs fast
    I was pleasantly surprised by the strong diffraction capabilities of this data transmission unit. I have had problems with signal loss and interference in previous transmission units I have used, but this product completely solved those problems. It was very easy to install and set up, and it took me almost no extra time to get it up and running. In addition, it is stable and reliable and I have been using it for several months now without experiencing any problems or performance degradation.
    From: nancy | Date: 19/09/2023
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