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    How to Set Up a Load Cell from the Display Controller?

    The function of the weighing sensor can be shown only when the weighing sensor is equipped with a good weighing display instrument. We are going to introduce the wiring and calibration of ATO-DDC5-CHB universal weighing instrument.

    Display controller

    1. The first thing to understand is how it's wired. Connect the 100 to 240V AC power supply to port 23 and 24.

    Display controller wiring

    2. Get ready to use a load cell. What we prepared here is 100kg. Its four wires are red for EXC+, black for EXC-, white for SIG+, and green for SIG- (some white for SIG- and green for SIG+). And connect the sensor to port 13, 14, 15 and 16.

    Load cell 100kg

    Load cell diagram

    3. Prepare a 2kg standard weight for experiment


    4. Power on and set the following parameters:

    1> Press ● to enter the first parameter group, press ● again to display oA(password input), press < to change the password, set the password to 01111, press ● to confirm the password. You are now ready to modify the parameters.

    2> Hold down ● again to enter the second parameter group.

    3> Modify the display unit, select unit, press < to enter the modification page, there are a total of 4 units to choose (0=t,1=kg,2=g,3=kN). Select 1 and press ● to confirm.

    4> Set the range, set it to F-R and set it to 100kg.

    5> Set the decimal number to in-d, and we choose to keep two decimal places. After setting, hold down ● Return to the default screen.

    Display controller setting

    5. Calibration

    1> Short press ●, hold ˄ for 2 seconds, cAL appears, then press THE CALCULATION to clear, and automatically return to the default interface after confirmation.

    2> Short press ●, hold ˄ for 2 seconds and then press cAL, put 2kg weight on the weighing sensor, set the value to 2.00, short press ● save to complete the calibration. Repeat calibration if the difference is found to be too large.

    Digital display operation

    Digital display

    6. Peeling operation:

    Place the object (0.12kg) to be weighed on the sensor and press < to complete the peeling operation.

    Peeling operation

    7. Alarm output Settings:

    1> long press ●, out1 appears, press < to enter alarm output value setting, set to 1.90kg, save.

    Alarm output setting

    2> place 2kg weight test, OUT1 alarm light, alarm output.

    Weight test

    8. You need to enter your password before comparing control Settings. Set Ao to 01111 and save. ● Select Alo1, then press < to enter Settings, move the blinking bit to the end, and press ˄ to select the desired output mode. There are six output modes. For details, see the user guide. In addition, HYA1, HYA2 and other parameters can be set, which will not be described here. You can watch the video below to learn more about the connection and setup of the S-type load cell with indicator.

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