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    How to Calibrate Digital Load Cell Amplifier?

    Digital load cell amplifiers are also called weighing transmitters. It can convert physical quantities into electrical signals, and convert the sensors outputting millivolt signals into standard DC signals through isolation and amplification. It usually adopts SMT process and is designed and manufactured for resistance strain signal sensors in industrial processes, and is suitable for load cells of different specifications.

    This is ATO Digital Load Cell Amplifier, it is the newly upgraded panel. The performance becomes more stable after the upgrade.

    ATO digital load cell amplifier

    Digital Load Cell Amplifier Calibration Process

    Method 1

    Step 1: Connect the four wires of the load cell to the terminals. The output terminals are voltage signal, power signal, and Modbus-RTU signal in sequence.

    Step 2: Long press the key to enter the setting.

    • 01 SL=Zero calibration, long press ∧ to enter the modification interface, press ∨ to modify. (Clear the parameters to zero without placing heavy objects)
    • 02 SH=Load the calibration value, after setting the calibration weight, place the calibration weight to confirm the calibration value. (The calibration weight is better than half of the range)
    • 04 SD=Decimal place setting.

    Step 3: We put a 2kg weight on the sensor. The digital load cell amplifier currently displays 2.00kg.

    Step 4: The calibration is complete.

    Method 2

    Step 1: Set 10 Cr transmission range, (output 0~10V as an example) Enter the range of the sensor. Note that the number of decimal places previously set must be included. (50.00kg)

    Step 2: Measure the output voltage, the output terminal is V. Without placing heavy objects, the voltage output is close to 0V. After placing a 2.00kg weight, the measured output is 0.40V (full scale 10V=50.00kg)

    Step 3: Calibration complete.

    ATO Weighing Transmitter/Amplifier can have both analog transmission function (0~10V or 4~20mA) and Modbus-RTU transmission function at the same time. You can watch the video below to learn more about weighing transmitters.

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