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    What is a Linear Servo Motor?

    A linear servo motor is a direct drive solution where the load is directly connected to the moving portion of the motor. Direct drive linear motors are available in a variety of configurations (iron core, U-channel, tubular) but ultimately work the same. Linear motors operate with an AC power supply and servo controller, which are often the same as those used for rotary servo motors. The linear motor primary part is connected to the power supply to produce a magnetic field. By changing the current phase in the coils, the polarity of each coil is changed.400W linear servo motor

    Working principle of linear servo motor

    The linear servo actuator is a revolutionary product that integrates the motor and the screw rod. The motor does rotating motion, while the servo motor does linear reciprocating motion. The servo electric cylinder drives the screw (turbine scroll) to rotate through the motor. The nut is converted into a linear motion to realize the reciprocating motion, which is used to complete the accurate push-pull, close, take-off and landing control of various equipment. So it can be simply regarded as converting the rotation of the servo motor into linear motion.

    Features of linear servo motor

    1. The maintenance cost of the actuator cylinde is very cheap.
      Only need to check the lubrication system regularly, which saves time and cost. The cabinet is made of highly corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy material, and can be dust-proof and sealed, which greatly increases the safety of operation.
    2. The actuator cylinde has high accuracy and can be used in various complex environments.
      The stroke, speed and thrust of the servo electric cylinder screw can be controlled with high precision, and the accuracy difference can be controlled at 0.02mm.
    3. The flexibility of linear servo motor configuration.
      Linear servo actuator can choose to match servo motor, stepper motor, AC motor, DC motor, and the installation method of servo motor is also very flexible. The installation methods that can be selected include front flange, rear flange, side flange, and rear hinge. Trunnion and other installation methods.
    4. The characteristics of linear servo actuator.
      The characteristics of the servo electric cylinder include low noise, energy saving, clean, high rigidity, impact resistance, long life, simple operation and maintenance.
    5. Strong environmental adaptability.
      The linear servo actuator is not easily affected by the ambient temperature, and can work normally without failure in harsh environments such as low, high temperature, rain and snow, and the protection level can reach IP66. Prevent dirt and water pollution outside the cylinder and prevent internal lubricant leakage, long-term work, and achieve high strength, high speed, high-precision positioning, smooth movement, low noise. So it can be widely used in paper industry, chemical industry, automobile industry, electronics industry, machinery automation industry, welding industry, etc.
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