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    Linear Servo Motor Price List

    A linear servo motor is a modular product that integrates servo motor and lead screw, linear servo actuator is a direct drive solution where the load is directly connected to the moving portion of the motor. Direct drive linear motors are available in a variety of configurations (iron core, U-channel, tubular) but ultimately work the same.

    ATO offers linear cylinders of wide range power from 400W to 5500W, in-line/ reentrant two connection types can be chosen. Linear servo actuator can be trouble-free in harsh environments, and the protection level can reach IP66. Long-term work, and achieve high-intensity, high-speed, high-precision positioning, smooth movement, low noise. Therefore, it can be widely used in the paper industry, chemical industry, automobile industry, electronics industry, machinery automation industry, welding industry, etc.

    The following is ATO high speed linear servo motors price list for your reference.

    ATO Linear Servo Motor Price List:

    Product SKU Power Reduction ratio Price for different connection types (USD)
    In-line Reentrant
     Linear servo motor ATO-SERVO-L400 400W 1 $1,336.51  $1,378.25 
    ATO-SERVO-L750 1 hp (750W) 1 $1,378.89  $142.63 
    ATO-SERVO-L1000 1000W 4 $3,022.86  $3,064.60 
    ATO-SERVO-L1500 2 hp (1.5kW) 1 $3,125.08  $3,166.82 
    ATO-SERVO-L1500w 1500W 2 $3,125.08  $3,166.82 
    ATO-SERVO-L4500 6 hp (4.5kW) 2 $9,178.73  $9,331.59 
    ATO-SERVO-L5500 5.5kW 2 $9,321.59  $9,474.45

    Note: The prices in the table list are for reference only. If you want to get a , please feel free to contact us. Generally, you can get a discount on

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