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    1hp (750W) Linear Servo Motor, 2.39Nm, 1.91 kN, 800mm

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    Economical price linear servo actuator with 750W rated power, reduction ratio 1:1, rated torque 2.39 Nm, rated thrust 1.28 kN, max. thrust 1.91 kN, max. stroke 800mm, 16mm diameter. Linear servo motor has the advantages of low noise, energy saving, clean, high rigidity, impact resistance, long service life.
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    Factory price linear cylinder with rated voltage 220 volt, in-line/ reentrant two connections can be chosen. The linear servo is widely used in the paper industry, chemical industry, automobile industry, electronics industry, mechanical automation industry, welding industry, etc.


    Model ATO-LSM-EDA060-750W
    Rated power 750W
    Rated voltage 220V
    Structure type In-line/ Reentrant
    Lead 10mm
    Reduction ratio 1:1
    Rated speed 3000 rpm
    Max. speed 5000 rpm
    Rated torque 2.39 Nm
    Rated thrust 1.28 kN
    Rated linear speed 500mm/ s
    Max. thrust 1.91 kN
    Max. linear speed 833.33mm/ s
    Max. stroke 800mm
    Diameter 16mm
    Inductive switch Magnetic induction, PNP, 2NO (Please contact us for other switches)
    Motor brand Japan
    Pressure sensor

    Not include (50kg/100kg/200kg/300kg/400kg/500kg/600kg/800kg/900kg/1T/2T can be customized, please contact us if necessary)

    Weight 43kg
    Certificate CE
    Warranty 12 months

    Dimension (unit=mm)


    Dimension of in line type linear servo motor



    Dimension of reentrant type linear servo motor


    750W Linear Servo Motor Details

    Tips: Working Principle of Linear Servo Motor?

    The working principle of the linear servo motor is which uses electricity as a direct power source, and various types of motors are used to drive different forms of lead screws (or nuts) to rotate and pass through the components. The spiral motion is converted into the linear motion of the nut (or screw), and then the nut (or screw) drives the cylinder or load to make a reciprocating linear motion. Traditional electric cylinders generally use a motor to drive the lead screw to rotate and convert it into linear movement of the nut through the spiral movement between the components. In recent years, the newly emerging "nut reversal type" electric cylinders (such as integral planetary roller screw electric cylinders) adopt the opposite driving mode, that is, drive the nut to rotate and convert it into the linear motion of the screw through the spiral movement between the components.

    Existing reviews of 1hp (750W) Linear Servo Motor, 2.39Nm, 1.91 kN, 800mm
    High quality 750w linear servo actuator
    This 1hp linear servo motor is working fine, strong motor and if mounted correctly (insulated from physical contact by (for example) rubber padding) very silent. Will recommended!!!!
    From: Gruver | Date: 08/01/2023
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    Works fine
    I bought this linear servo motor to replace another one (different manufacture) that ruined my gear box. Works fine and very good quality. So far, so great! It looks pretty cool!
    From: Ham | Date: 04/05/2022
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