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    2hp (1.5kW) Linear Servo Motor, 7.16Nm, 24.3kN, 1500mm

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    Cost-effective linear cylinder with rated voltage 220V, 2hp linear servo motor with reduction ratio 1:1, rated torque 7.16 Nm, rated thrust 16.2 kN, maximum thrust up to 24.3 kN,  maximum stroke 1500mm. The linear servo actuator has the advantages of low noise, energy saving and long service life.
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    Linear servo motor with cheap price, high speed linear servo features rated voltage 220V, diameter 25mm, 2000 rpm rated speed, maximun speed up to 3000 rpm, in-line/ reentrant two connections can be chosen.


    Model ATO-LSM-EDA080-L1500W
    Rated power 2hp (1.5KW)
    Rated voltage 220V
    Structure type In-line/ Reentrant
    Lead 10mm
    Reduction ratio 1:1
    Rated speed 2000 rpm
    Max. speed 3000 rpm
    Rated torque 7.16 Nm
    Rated thrust 16.2 kN
    Rated linear speed 172.67mm/s
    Max. thrust 24.3 kN
    Max. linear speed 283.78mm/s
    Max. stroke 1500mm
    Diameter 25mm
    Inductive switch Magnetic induction, PNP, 2NO (Please contact us for other switches)
    Motor brand Japan
    Pressure sensor

    Not include (50kg/100kg/200kg/300kg/400kg/500kg/600kg/800kg/900kg/1T/2T can be customized, please contact us if necessary)

    Weight 96kg
    Certificate CE
    Warranty 12 months

    Dimension (unit=mm)


    Dimension of in line type linear servo motor


    Dimension of reentrant type linear servo motor


    1500W Linear Servo Motor Details

    Tips: Features of Linear Servo Motor.

    1. High positioning accuracy: the linear servo motor cylinder with ball screw can realize accurate positioning of about 0.01mm through servo control. It has high positioning accuracy and is suitable for applications with high accuracy requirements. The actuator cylinde can achieve quite high positioning accuracy in the semi-closed loop, while the hydraulic cylinder and the air cylinder must use a fully closed loop control system to achieve the same positioning accuracy.
    2. Simple structure, small space occupation and convenient maintenance. The actuator cylinde is mainly composed of a motor and a nut and screw mechanism. The mechanism is simple, small in size, and does not take up too much working space. Because of its simple structure, it is easy to find the cause of the failure in the event of a failure, and the usual maintenance is also very convenient.
    Existing reviews of 2hp (1.5kW) Linear Servo Motor, 7.16Nm, 24.3kN, 1500mm
    Nice linear servo motor cylinder
    I purchased this 2 hp linear servo motor last April, I used it on my snow blower (lawn tractor). It works perfectly!
    From: Mar | Date: 29/06/2022
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