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    How to Choose a Linear Servo Motor?

    The linear servo motor is a modular product integrating servo motor and screw, the electric linear servo motor converting the rotary motion of servo motor into linear motion, while converting the best advantages of servo motor - precise speed control, precise rpm control and precise torque control into precise speed control, precise position control and precise thrust control; a new revolutionary product that realizes high precision linear servo motor.

    With the increasing use of linear servo actuators, everyone usually encounters many difficulties when selecting specifications and models, then you should pay attention to the key points of model selection.

    Selection of parameters

    The customer provides three important parameters of the load, speed and stroke of the linear cylinder according to the actual situation:Linear servo motor

    • Load capacity: First of all, we need to determine how much load servo electric cylinder we need. This is a very important parameter. The servo electric cylinder determines the cylinder diameter, screw size, etc. according to the load capacity. If we need a servo electric cylinder with a load of 300kg , and the use of an electric cylinder with a load of 100 is definitely impossible to drive.
    • Stroke: Confirm the approximate stroke of the servo electric cylinder, and the stroke determines the working position of the servo electric cylinder. If the stroke is too short, the servo electric cylinder cannot reach the specified working range.
    • Speed: The running speed of the servo cylinder, the industry that requires high-speed operation should pay attention to this.

    Structure selection

    According to the installation space and installation size, select the structure style of the electric cylinder, the common ones are direct connection type, parallel type (folding type), vertical type, to avoid the situation that the servo cylinder cannot be installed after purchasing:

    • Direct connection type: The motor and the cylinder body work in a straight line, which is characterized by simple connection, but the axial dimension is too large.
    • Parallel type: The parallel type is also called the foldback type. The motor is connected in parallel with the cylinder body. It is characterized by simple connection and small axial size, but it is relatively wide.
    • Vertical type: The vertical type adopts the structure of conical teeth, turbine worm, etc., connecting the motor and the cylinder vertically to adapt to some special - shaped spaces, but the size of the electric cylinder is larger in a certain direction.

    When selecting a electric linear cylinder, you only need to provide the stroke, load and speed to ATO, and ATO can help you to choose a suitable model of linear servo motor.

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