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    How to Choose a Crane Scale?

    Crane scale is a tool for measuring weight. The electronic crane scale is generally composed of a mechanical load-bearing mechanism, a load cell, an A/D conversion board, a power supply, a wireless transmitting and receiving device and a weighing display instrument. So how do we choose? Generally speaking, when choosing an electronic crane scale, you should pay attention to the following aspects: accuracy, measurement range, function, versatility, etc. Let's take a look at the details below.


    As a measuring instrument, the first indicator is accuracy. When choosing the right crane scale, the primary issue is to consider whether the accuracy of the electronic scale can meet the actual work requirements of the unit. In general, as long as the accuracy required by this unit can be met. Crane scales that are too accurate have stricter working conditions and higher prices.


    With the popularization of electronic sensor technology and computer network management, various measurement and control devices have emerged. The general functions of the crane scale are set as tare (zero), accumulation (subtraction) by category, storage vehicle number, tare weight, printing, communication, overload alarm, changing receiving channel, setting a password, etc.

    Weighing rangeCrane scale

    When choosing a weighing range, the most overlooked is the minimum weighing range. The electronic crane scale with too large a range can reach the specified range of accuracy when performing small weighing, but the relative error will become larger. In addition, it is necessary to consider the matching of electronic scales and cranes, especially whether the rings and hooks of electronic crane scales are suitable. We should carefully read the manufacturer's samples, and if necessary, we can make special proposals in advance. It is also important not to overload the electronic crane scale.

    Adaptability and safety

    Users should put forward requirements according to their own working environment. The electronic crane scale used for raw materials entering the factory and finished product sales can use the normal type. For electrolysis workshops, the problems of anti-magnetic, heat insulation and insulation should be considered. On some occasions, it is necessary to Consider waterproof, moisture-proof, explosion-proof, etc. The sensor that affects the accuracy of the crane scale is generally 150% overload forces. Although too much overload will not be dangerous, it will affect the accuracy of the electronic crane scale.


    Usually, a unit uses more than one electronic crane scale and other forms of electronic weighing instruments, and the general exchange between products and accessories is particularly important. As we all know, truck scales, rail scales, electronic platform scales, as small as valuation scales, weighing scales, counting scales and electronic balances all use resistance strain sensors as sensitive components, and even dynamometers are used by scale manufacturers and measurement departments are also used. The resistance strain sensor is used so that it is easy to realize network management, which is convenient for users and reduces the use and maintenance costs.

    After-sales service

    A good product will inevitably have some faults in use. When a problem occurs, it is very important whether you can quickly eliminate it and whether the manufacturer can provide services in a timely manner.
    A good product should be designed with the convenience of maintenance in mind. Generally, it should be modularized and easy to replace. When a problem occurs, there should be a prompt mark to facilitate the determination of the cause of the failure. When the problem cannot be solved by itself, the manufacturer should be able to provide after-sales service in time.

    Economic benefits

    The economic benefits of using electronic crane scales include three aspects:

    • The price at the time of purchase should not be excessively pursued with high prices and low prices
    • Consider the necessity of using an electronic crane scale, whether it can reduce operation links, save space, reduce costs and improve product quality
    • Whether the accessories and consumable materials of the crane scale are universal, whether they are guaranteed for a long time, and the price should not be too expensive.

    The above is the basis for purchasing high-quality crane scales. In addition to OCS crane scales, 30-500kg mini crane scales and 30ton ~ 50ton digital crane scales are available on Visit our website and get a perfect solution for your project now.

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